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sine0 hi folks, I have an error, would anyone be able to make a suggestion for me? https://gist.github.com/sinebeef/ca7752d775c2a178bbd28ad7688b8d5b16:51.05 
chrisl sine0: It's not an error I've come across. Does the problem occur with any other devices, or only pdfwrite?16:54.21 
sine0 chrisl: you will have to forgive me, i only just install gs to convert a pdf and that is the only command I tried. the pdf is viewable in regular software, I use sumatra16:56.38 
chrisl sine0: That doesn't mean the PDF is valid. But that doesn't look like a problem with the PDF16:57.55 
  Try "gs -sDEVICE=ppmaw -o stuf%03d.ppm qrailing.pdf"16:58.26 
sine0 k16:58.34 
  Unknown device: ppmaw16:58.57 
chrisl Note, that will write a bunch of ppm files to the current directory16:59.04 
  Oops, Try "gs -sDEVICE=ppmraw -o stuf%03d.ppm qrailing.pdf"16:59.15 
sine0 hmm i get a similar16:59.55 
chrisl Well, the initial error is different, but it's probably not terribly helpful - is there any chance you can share the PDF?17:05.37 
sine0 do you have fibre17:11.11 
chrisl I've pretty decent downloads speeds17:11.49 
sine0 https://www.q-railing.com/files/en-us-neutral-2020-2021-product-catalog-9000000001484-lr-c-1.pdf17:14.08 
  its 100MB or so17:14.13 
chrisl sine0: Bear with me, I need to build 9.52 to try it17:17.00 
sine0 :/17:18.33 
chrisl sine0: Hmm, it's a pretty challeging file, but running here has reached page 50.... and still going17:19.01 
sine0 what command did you run17:20.40 
chrisl gs -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -o stuff.pdf en-us-neutral-2020-2021-product-catalog-9000000001484-lr-c-1.pdf17:21.30 
sine0 wow it must be me then17:23.30 
  **** Error: An error occurred while reading an XREF table.17:23.31 
  **** The file has been damaged. This may have been caused17:23.31 
chrisl I've switch to running same as you (but with the path tweaked) and it's reached page 60 and still going17:24.41 
  Not even a warning as yet....17:24.56 
  sine0: Can I ask what platform you're using?17:25.35 
sine0 windows / cygwin17:26.23 
chrisl I don't know how to find the details of how cygwin packages Ghostscript - I have a suspicion, but I can't verify it....17:28.26 
sine0 i have widnows native isntalled as well, will try17:29.12 
  ok windows is working better with some errors all the same on a few pages17:30.59 
  short lookup tabel on indexed color space, hopefully its nothing big17:31.17 
chrisl Is that still 9.52 gs?17:31.48 
sine0 no its what i had installed from way back17:32.00 
chrisl Oh, well, obviously I would recommend upgrading.... ;-)17:32.39 
sine0 yea i have the binary file to upgrade i just thought i would try17:32.55 
chrisl Hmm, well, what I *thought* would be the problem, is not the problem. And I don't have easy access to a cygwin install right now to test it17:35.13 
  Wow, this file is pretty damned slow!17:37.18 
  sine0: Well, it took a while, but it ran to completion, and I didn't see any errors or warnings17:47.40 
  sine0: The only other thing I can think of is that I'm running a 64 bit binary, I would guess cygwin is 32 bit....17:49.31 
sine0 It worked17:55.59 
  I have a version that worked17:56.04 
  thanks for your help and your time17:56.10 
chrisl I wish I could have been more help!17:56.25 
sine0 I should have used native windows in the first place, it was missing from PATH so i thought I didtn have it17:56.29 
chrisl If you feel like it, you could report the problem to the cygwin maintainer - I know he's pretty active, so we could work with him to find their problem17:57.11 
sine0 I will put it on my list, thanks for your time with it. Im just busy working at the moment18:08.33 
chrisl No problem, I'm glad you got something that works18:09.02 
sine0 although the filesize is still huge even when I crush the images18:09.41 
  gswin64 -dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress -dSAFER -dCompatibilityLevel=1.4 -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sstdout=%stderr -dGrayImageResolution=30 -dMonoImageResolution=30 -dColorImageResolution=30 -sOutputFile=crush.pdf -c .setpdfwrite -f spigot.pdf18:09.54 
  it must be the other data that is taking up so much space18:10.11 
  it would be simpler to turnt he whole pages into jpegs18:10.34 
chrisl Well, there is a pdfimage device now...18:10.59 
sine0 cool18:12.05 
chrisl sine0: I'll be honest, I'm not sure that setting the image resolutions like that will work.... sorry, this is not really my area18:12.45 
sine0 thats ok, I did it before on an image heavy pdf and it really crushed it down, but I found out this file uses something else. but its all cool, not important, im just typing out loud. thanks for yoru time18:14.03 
Anon Hi how do I contribute a patch to ghostscript. Is there a detailed guide somewhere?23:12.22 
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