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chrisl sine0: PDF isn't really an editable format. There isn't (and probably genuinely cannot be) a "good" editing solution. Basically, if you want to do any kind of editing, get the source document06:49.57 
sine0 right well that makes sense then. almost like a baked in rastered image09:15.26 
kens In a sense09:15.40 
  Not that its (generally) a raster image, just that its very difficult to 'adjust' anything usefully09:16.04 
sine0 I always though of the pdf as being like a vector based format09:16.09 
kens For example, all text is drawn at specified positions (and need not be consecutive) which makes text reflow essentially impossible09:16.30 
  PDF can include vectors, images and things somewhat in between like gradient fills09:16.47 
  As well as fonts which can be images or vectors09:16.57 
sine0 ok so in inkscape when the text is turned into a path it just becomes vectors and cannot be edited like text any more09:17.13 
kens But really its the fact that it was not intended as an editable format.09:17.15 
  I'm not that familiar with inkscape.09:17.28 
sine0 svg creator/editor09:17.41 
kens The problem with editing text in PDF is that it is (or can be ) sctatered at random over the page, there's nothing to link any two pieces of text together, so you can't tell what needs to be moved to make space for insreted text09:18.09 
sine0 I have opened some pdfs in inkscape/scribus and have found that the text isnt text09:18.17 
kens 'Text' in a PDF file need not be text certainly09:18.35 
  It can be text in a raster image (so a picture of text) or it can be vector lines which form the shape of text.09:18.53 
  Or it can be text of course09:18.57 
sine0 ok, well at least I know now, I can scrub it off the bucket list09:18.57 
  I just thought that I probably needed the version of adobe that it was created with or indesign etc to be able to edit it, but seeing as it has a source file then no.09:19.36 
kens No I'm afraid not, its the format that doesn't really permit editing. You can make limited edits (like deleteing a specific letter) but big edits just leave missing areas, or text which overwrites or similar problems09:20.27 
  It is possible to 'reassemble' an editable document, up to a point, we have some code which will turn a PDF into an RTF file, but its unfinished09:20.59 
  And would never be 100% reliable anyway09:21.09 
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