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petercher Is there a better way to implement the following procedure:20:47.41 
  //hide_arg { % any proc -> left-by-proc any20:49.08 
  exch 1 packedarray cvx 2 .execn20:49.58 
  } def20:50.05 
chrisl petercher: What is it trying to achieve?20:53.57 
  And I assume the immediate evaluation of the name is a typo working around IRC limitations...20:55.27 
petercher I want to keep <any> on top of the stack regardless of the number and type of entries created by proc.20:56.36 
  Yes, it was a typo.20:57.18 
chrisl petercher: Then I suspect that probably is the best (Ghostscript specific) way to get the result you want20:59.03 
mvrhel_laptop Robin_Watts: sorry dropped my Artifex channel23:11.53 
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