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kens sine0 ImageMagick uses Ghostscript to render PDF files into JPEG images.06:55.26 
jpg sine0: gs -sDEVICE=jpeg -o OUT%03d.jpg INPUT.pdf08:10.38 
sine0 thanks folks. im struggling with these pdf files. need to downgrade them before I can even do anything with them. its got 248 pages and takes forever then seg faults09:07.08 
  gswin64 -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -dCompatibilityLevel=1.4 -o prime-usa-p25-35-2020-decrypted en-us-neutral-2020-2021-product-catalog-9000000001484-lr-c-1.pdf09:07.21 
  is there a way I can do that and only select pages from 25 - 3509:07.39 
kens Yes -dFirstPage=25 -dLastPage=3509:08.10 
  Or -sPageList=[25-35]09:08.31 
  Not certain of the syntax of the latter, check the documentation09:08.45 
  If you're getting seg faults then you should report a bug09:08.53 
sine0 ok yea09:08.54 
  kens: can I recreate/build a pdf from a sequence of jpgs09:21.52 
  googling it now09:21.54 
kens Ghostscript doesn't read JPEG images natively. There's a program 'viewjpeg.ps' which will read it for you using PostScript.09:22.29 
  If you use that, along with the pdfwrite device, you can read JPG files and output a PDF.09:22.50 
  If you are starting from PDF files, you can have Ghostscript produce PDF files which only contain a rendered image using the 'pdfimage' devices09:23.22 
  I think viewjpeg.ps is in the ghostpdl/lib directory09:24.20 
sine0 im not, I am taking pdf brochures from one company and having to make snippet versions, rebrand and edit some pages and patch some together. they dont have access to the origional files so that is out of the question but we have permission to rebrand our label to sell09:25.52 
  im having to downgrade the files, then extract pages to jpg, do some crude edits, then pack up into a pdf09:26.32 
  I just used convert to build a pdf from jpg but they are different size so just trying to set them all the same size09:27.04 
kens OK well at the moment, you need to use viewjpeg.ps to read the input JPG file. Unfortunately it only takes a single file as input so you'd either need to modify it or turn each JPG into a PDF individually, then run the resulting PDF files back through pdfwrite to get a single PDF file out.09:27.29 
  In future we have a new thing, gpdl, which will also read image files. Or you could use MuPDF09:28.07 
sine0 I was using PyPDF in python for some things so i might revert back to that. imagemagics convert seems to sling the pdf together albeit with recompression (ill take it for now)09:29.33 
kens I don't know how imagemagick works when starting form a JPEG I'm afrai09:30.06 
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