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sine0 kens: 12:53.55 
kens ?12:54.01 
sine0 is it possible to view what metadata a pdf has12:54.03 
  like hidden information about the creator/computer and stuff12:54.16 
kens I'm not sure what you mean by 'hidden' data, there isn't any in the PDF Metadata. Possibly you mean the XML metadata ?12:56.07 
  Or soemthing non-standrad ?12:56.14 
  But I doubt Ghostscript will do that for you. Again, you should probably look at MuPDF. You can retrieve stuff using MuPDF and script it using JavaScript12:56.54 
chrisl pdf_info.ps might do?12:57.16 
kens It only retrieves certain things. If I knew more exactly what you were trying to retrieve I could be more specific but lacking an example I can onl ytalk in general terms12:58.03 
sine0 just anything that would identify the creator12:59.59 
chrisl It can do the XML metadata - for anything *really* nonstandard, I doubt any "standard" consumer will work12:59.59 
  Like the Creator key?13:00.10 
kens sine0 well as chrisl says the pdf_info.ps program can retrieve a bunch of stuff, I believe the Creator is in there13:00.26 
chrisl But I think that kind of meta-data is optional (although widely used)13:01.06 
sine0 https://bpa.st/KPOA13:01.13 
kens Well pdf_info.ps isn't going to retrieve all that13:01.42 
sine0 I had exiftool installed that seems to show quite alot13:01.49 
kens The bits marked [PDF} it willdo, at least some of them. Language is a nonsense I suspect13:02.09 
chrisl pdf_info.ps should get *lot* of that13:02.18 
kens You can't readily tell the language of a PDF file13:02.25 
  Yeah quite a bit13:02.30 
chrisl sine0: You can give it a try: https://git.ghostscript.com/?p=ghostpdl.git;a=blob;f=lib/pdf_info.ps13:03.03 
  Usage is in a comment at the top of the file13:03.16 
kens Tried it on ghostpdl/examples/annots.pdf and got the Title, Author, Creator, Producer, CreationData, ModDate, the MediaBox for each page and the required (not embedded) fotns.13:03.48 
  gs -dNOSAFER -sFile=/ghostpdl/examples/annots.pdf /ghstpdl/lib/pdf_info.ps13:05.30 
chrisl It'll optionally print out the XML metadata, too13:06.04 
kens If you set DumpXML it will also give teh embedded XML M<etadata13:06.06 
  Also FontsUsed and EmbeddedFonts are available13:06.23 
  So really quite a lof of information. I think it will also tell you if the PDF fiel uses transparency13:06.43 
  AFK for a short while13:08.50 
Lelldorin1 hello all18:13.34 
  anyone aroud who have expierirence in gs on Haiku?18:13.47 
  gs -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile=image%d.ps -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE /boot/home/Desktop/testaa.pdf18:13.50 
  this command line exports onle one file not every site as single file18:14.06 
Robin_Watts_ No idea about haiku.18:18.31 
  Surely you mean image%d.pdf ?18:18.42 
  What version of gs are you using?18:18.51 
  pdfwrite is NOT a printer device, hence I'm not sure %d works with it.18:19.34 
Lelldorin1 ho Robin_Watts_18:20.30 
  AFPL Ghostscript 8.14 (2004-02-20)18:20.34 
kens Lelldorin1: I doubt you'll find anyone using Haiku here I'm afraid18:20.34 
Lelldorin1 pdfwrite is the right device on haiku os18:20.43 
kens Right so that's an ancient version of GS, you need to upgrade sto eomsthing less than 10 years old18:20.54 
Robin_Watts_ Lelldorin1: Ah, come back a decade ago and ask us :)18:20.56 
Lelldorin1 Robin_Watts_: thanks you make me hoping broken ;-)18:21.48 
  sorry bad english18:22.21 
kens 8.14 is 16 years old, its not entirely surprising to me that there might be a bug (or simply %d is not implemented) in code that old18:22.26 
Lelldorin1 i can use v 9.5018:23.44 
  but is old too?18:23.50 
kens Well that's certainly an improvement18:23.56 
  Its reasonably recent,only a year or so old I think18:24.09 
  9 months according to our Git erpository18:24.30 
Lelldorin1 ok i will try with it, thanks18:24.34 
kens No problem18:24.55 
Lelldorin1 it was the problem thanks :-)18:29.09 
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