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lich hello, is there a way to convert .pcf or .bdf font to .pfb or any other ghostscript format08:35.54 
kens https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40158613/converting-pcf-font-to-ttf-font08:37.00 
lich i dont want ttf :<08:37.30 
kens You said 'any other Ghostscript format' Ghostscript can read TrueType fonts.08:37.50 
lich hmmm08:37.55 
  ill look whether it will work for my application08:38.01 
  that is links browser font generation08:38.07 
kens You can also use FontForge to convert TrueType to type 1, so I imagine it can convert directly to type 1 format08:38.16 
  Since its a bitmap font format you could also convert it trivially to type 308:39.25 
lich ill look into it08:42.34 
ray_laptop HenryStiles: Can you leave a message here when bugzilla is back up. I have some bugs to enter22:09.04 
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