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ray_laptop HenryStiles: Can you leave a message here when bugzilla is back up. I have some bugs to enter00:58.17 
Cork i'm trying to figure out the unit of the "Media:" entries in enscript. Anyone know how to figure out what those values shold be based on?10:30.09 
  i'm trying to figure out how to add a media to let enscript do something similar to: "lpr -o landscape -o PageSize=24_mm__1___Label__Auto_ docs/test.txt"10:31.16 
chrisl Cork: I would guess the units will be points15:55.28 
Cork chrisl: but how does that work when dpi differs between printers?18:45.57 
chrisl Cork: Typographic points are not the "dots" in "dots-per-inch". Typographic points are approximately 1/72nd of an inch. In computer typography, they are *exactly* 1/72nd of an inch. So, for example, A4 = 595x842 in points. Letter = 612x792 in points. And so on....18:58.41 
Cork ah, thx!19:01.46 
chrisl There's fairly comprehensive list in table form from pages 187-192 in: https://www.adobe.com/content/dam/acom/en/devnet/actionscript/articles/5003.PPD_Spec_v4.3.pdf19:02.43 
  Actually 187-196..... lots of sizes!19:03.19 
Cork chrisl: sweet, thx19:06.29 
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