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JEI I found the following error in the CUPS log. "stopped with status 141 (Unknown error 41)"; "Job stopped due to filter errors;" I'm using gostpdl-9.52. If gpcl6 returns this status, please tell me what it means.05:00.59 
kens JEI never heard of that error. You're going to hae to find someone who understands CUPS and get us a Ghostscript/GhostPCL command line, and a file that shows the problem before we can help you06:57.57 
JEI I wrote the following simple filter.#!/bin/shtmpdir=/var/spool/cups/fifo/usr/local/bin/gpcl6 -dNOPAUSE -lPCL5E -sDEVICE=pbmraw -r600 -sOutputFile=$tmpdir/Fifo $607:14.28 
  Fifo is named pipe in order to receive pbmraw data.07:15.08 
kens And the result of running that is ?07:16.13 
  Note that you should be able to run that command from the shell, without involving CUPS at all.07:16.45 
JEI If print job is single job, then it works well. But if multi-job, the CUPS will spool them, and sometime CUPS reports above error.07:17.44 
kens Well that seems to me like a CUPS error07:18.00 
  Possibly its trying to do something like send multiple files simultaneously, or run files concurrently, which obviously isn't going to work well if you are using a single named pipe as the destination07:18.37 
JEI Okay, let me confirm that gpcl6 never exit with 141 or 41. Is it true?07:18.53 
kens I don't think this is a problem we can help you with though07:18.55 
  All Ghostscript family interpreters exit with a negative number07:19.12 
  On error07:19.16 
  So 141 or 41 should not be a posible exit status07:19.29 
JEI Noted.07:19.57 
chrisl JEI: I'm assume there is some whitespace missing in that filter line?07:23.36 
JEI No, because I'm not familiar with how to enter this IRC. The problem is occurring in China and I am looking into it from Japan.07:26.30 
chrisl Well, it's just "tmpdir=/var/spool/cups/fifo/usr/local/bin/gpcl6" probably isn't what is intended07:27.07 
JEI Yes07:28.22 
chrisl "Yes, that's intended" or "Yes, there are spaces missing"?07:29.54 
JEI I'll investigate other than gpcl6. Thank you very much.07:30.04 
  "Yes, that's intended"07:30.46 
chrisl Well, that's not going to work07:31.53 
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