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sparr I'm trying to figure out why there are ligatures in the NimbusMonoPS-Regular.otf01:53.16 
chrisl sparr: What makes you think that there *shouldn't* be?06:37.29 
violeta Hi. I opened this bug: https://bugs.ghostscript.com/show_bug.cgi?id=702868 but I hadn't shared the PDF file that caused the problem. When modifying it to be able to share it I noticed it failed on the same page, which is basically a very big image. Now Peter has found another PDF that seems to fail and it's similar. I can still share my PDF if07:17.23 
  necessary, who should I send it to?07:17.24 
kens Well you can send it to me07:17.42 
  ken dot sharp at artifex dot com07:17.54 
  Or if its shareable now, simply attach it to the bug report07:18.21 
violeta sent it to your email just now :-)07:20.32 
kens OK07:20.39 
  OK I have the file now07:23.12 
  The problem is that the file uses a 16 bit per component image, and hte image downsampler only works with 8 bits per component images. I have a fix for the problem which I'm testing, which will take a little time. Assuming it passes I will commit the fix, but it won't make it into the pending release, as that's due to happen today.10:42.30 
violeta sorry, I was having trouble with my IRC client. kens: I saw your message about having a fix but that it won't be available in the release today. That's great :-) Thanks for your work.11:36.45 
kens Apologies for the slow reply, I was eating lunch12:03.01 
  Testing has produced some problems I'll need to look at I'm afraid12:03.29 
Lelldorin1 how to rotate a pdf file with gs?20:03.04 
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