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emendelson I think I once knew the answer to this, but it was a long time. For my own use, I make a custom build of gswin32c.exe, with some PFB files added to the resources. With Adobe PFB files (I have licenses for these), this works perfectly. With SOME PFBs converted from TTF files (like Bookerly or Liberata), the PDF output from WordPerfect for DOS (PS14:51.11 
  files distilled through Ghostscript) have no spaces between the words.14:51.12 
  What is odd about this is that when I load those exact same PFBs in WordPerfect as downloadable soft fonts, and download the soft font to gswin32c.exe, the words are correctly spaced. I think I remember that this may have something to do with the .notdef settings in the font or in Ghostscript, and I've spent hours trying to sort out what I need to14:52.38 
  do in the converted PFBs packed into gswin32c.exe, but I can't figure it out.14:52.39 
  I can't expect anyone to solve my problems for me, but if anyone instantly remembers what to do here (I think it has something to do with whether the space character is defined or not), I'll be very grateful for any help.14:53.22 
  (First post: that should say "a long time ago.")14:53.42 
pfb emendelson: All IRC logs are archived at https://ghostscript.com/irclogs/15:55.15 
  emendelson: Compiled fonts are stored in a simulated file system and processed by the same procedures as disk fonts. There should be no difference between them.16:01.41 
  emendelson: Applications can process font files differently. In any case, little can be done without sample files.16:06.48 
emendelson pfb: I seem to have wasted bandwidth and your time. The problem seems to be in the WordPerfect printer drivers. When I print with the soft font, WP creates these lines of PS code: "12/Bookerly-RegularR 600 ff" and "0 0 0 clr (This)S 67 h(is)S 67 h(Bookerly)S ep".17:58.53 
  pfb: But when I print to the "built-in" font, it creates these lines: "/Bookerly-RegularR 600 1000 1 ffs" and "(This)S 7 h(is)S 7 h(Bookerly)S ep". I don't know nearly enough to interpret why this goes wrong. But I see that I need to fix this in WP, not in Ghostscript.18:01.08 
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