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chrisl velix: no06:34.42 
sine0 hey folks hows it going. chrisl you around?13:57.25 
chrisl I am, yes13:57.38 
kens He's here but in the middle of pushing ot a release13:57.45 
  Ah he even replied, I'm surprised :-)13:57.53 
chrisl Doesn't mean I'll *keep* replying ;-)13:58.22 
sine0 someone helped me out on stack and gave me some code to create a line drawing/vector image13:58.24 
  although its using postscript as a language, im not sure, in the most easiest way, how can i make an image like jpg or some file out of this?13:58.48 
  it has to be command line13:59.06 
kens You want to render that program to an image ?13:59.14 
  Or you want to put an image in the PostScript program and draw it ?13:59.26 
sine0 how do i use that code, to make an image, on the command line, easiest as possible13:59.39 
kens gs -sDEVICE=png16m -o out.png <file.ps>13:59.57 
  There are *lots* of devices in Ghostscript which will create image files in various flavours. gs --help will list all the devices14:00.43 
  I need to step away for 10 minutes, will bbs14:00.56 
sine0 wow ok great14:01.57 
  so ghostscript is an interpreter for vector/print tools?14:07.11 
chrisl For Postscript and PDF14:07.20 
kens Ghostscript is a PostScript interpreter14:07.23 
  And as chrisl says can handle PDF too14:07.32 
  GhostSP handles XPS files14:07.41 
  and GhostPCL PCL and PXL files14:07.48 
sine0 so postscript is a language (I only ever heard of it when fixing the printer drivers on corp network)14:07.50 
chrisl Postscript is a fully fledged programming language14:08.15 
kens Yep, PostScript is indeed a programming language, this comes as a surprise to many people !14:08.19 
sine0 PDL PCL XPS what are they14:08.20 
kens PDL = Page Description Language14:08.38 
  XPS = Microsoft's more or less failed answer to PDF14:08.51 
  PCL is HP's printer language14:09.03 
sine0 XPS is when you print to file, I know that one14:09.04 
kens yeah sort of.14:09.18 
  Its the native stuff in recent versions of Windows14:09.31 
sine0 ok so the language what is it coparible to 14:09.37 
kens Which language XPS ?14:09.49 
chrisl Postscript is the only one of those which is a *programming* language14:10.10 
sine0 well like that code I showed you it had: EPSF14:10.16 
kens EPSF = EPS which ie Encapsulated PostScript14:10.34 
  Which is a particular subset of PostScript intended to be treated as a 'black box'14:10.54 
sine0 using postscript, is it old, is it like BASIC or FORTRAN or soemthing like that14:11.05 
kens You can insert it into another PostScript program without knowing anything about what's in it14:11.10 
Robin_Watts_ Postscript is not like basic or fortran :)14:11.15 
kens PostScript is not quite as old as BASIC or Fortran14:11.22 
Robin_Watts_ Except in that it's interpreted.14:11.29 
kens But it is old, 1980s14:11.32 
Robin_Watts_ It's more akin to lisp in some regards, but even that is not really fair comparison.14:11.59 
velix dang dang dang 18:43.19 
  Seems like Cairo 1.16 already fixed my PDF problems.18:43.30 
  1.12 <-- error18:43.36 
  1.16 <-- no error, GS can display the file18:43.45 
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