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chrisl sine0: I'm here now.....07:46.46 
petercher I'm running Ghostscript under Valgrind on a local HTCondor cluster. There are some warnings, esp. on less popular devices. Is it worth to report them? If so, which devices and options are the most interesting?16:03.08 
ray_laptop petercher: by 'less popular' do you mean contrib ?16:15.08 
  if so, we probably don't care too much16:15.20 
  but I don't mind if you want to open a bug 16:15.49 
  petercher: since you've already done the work to run valgrind, might as well capture the results in a bug16:16.19 
petercher No, I started with xpswrite and ps2write.16:16.41 
chrisl interesting definition of "less popular" :-)16:17.15 
kens You would need to build with -DPACIFY_VALGRIND I think16:17.33 
petercher I do.16:17.47 
Robin_Watts_ petercher: We have various 'vg' targets.18:00.31 
  vg, debugvg etc.18:00.43 
  If you are building with those, it both defines -DPACIFY_VALGRIND and tells clist to use memory clists.18:01.05 
  If you're still seeing problems with ps2write, xpswrite, pdfwrite with that build under valgrind, then yes, please report it.18:01.35 
petercher I'm testing vg .18:01.52 
Robin_Watts_ file based clists can cause spurious warnings about uninitialised padding bytes.18:01.56 
  petercher: Fab.18:02.02 
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