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sine0 hi gang. 14:33.32 
  I have a list of svgz files and I want to make them into a pdf, they are numbered basically 1-8014:33.54 
chrisl sine0: We don't have any tools for consuming svg files - I think mupdf consumes a subset of svg that's supported by epub, but that's all14:37.27 
ator sine0: use inkscape to convert to PDF first14:38.50 
  inkscape -A out.pdf input.svg14:39.03 
  mupdf can handle a subset of very simple SVG files14:39.24 
  but if you want full support, inkscape will do the job of converting to PDF14:39.41 
  then you can use mutool or ghostscript or another tool to merge them into one file14:40.01 
sine0 thanks folks, chrisl ator etc21:42.20 
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