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velix Can Ghostscript handle EMF ?04:21.53 
chrisl velix: No07:17.03 
velix ;....(07:38.21 
sebras velix: perhaps "inkscape --export-area-drawing -o file.pdf file.emf" is useful to you?08:02.08 
velix sebras: the implementation is buggy :(15:25.17 
  I bet it's a cairo problem again.15:25.42 
sebras velix: worth a try!15:26.09 
velix LibreOffice, Google Docs, Illustrator, Affinity, Photoshop etc. are doing it right.15:26.17 
  Maybe (!) it's working on Inkscape on Windows.15:26.44 
sebras velix: do you know what library libreoffice is using to interpret emf files? maybe you can find another conversion tool that uses the same library.15:26.53 
velix Since Windows API come with direct EMF support.15:26.53 
  sebras: Also thought so, but they cannot export to SVG. I'd need to use PDF, and re-factor this. Also called "uglification" :D15:27.29 
  sebras: It think it's easier to file a bug and pay some money to the devs of the EMF importer.15:28.18 
  sebras: https://github.com/chrissherlock :DDD16:24.54 
  he might be connected with out16:25.05 
  My god! https://github.com/kakwa/libemf2svg16:35.57 
  I am in love.16:35.59 
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