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Robin_Watts Hi Kaye.15:10.19 
kayeM Hi Robin15:10.37 
Robin_Watts Right, kayeM, you're showing as "not registered".15:11.10 
kayeM Ron, do you think it's because I changed my name15:11.42 
Robin_Watts Yes.15:11.56 
RonL Robin_Watts: yesterday XChat assigned her kayemit randomly. I thought she might try to change it this morning.15:12.35 
kayeM but I didn't create a password so perhaps I did it wrong15:13.13 
Durga Hi, I am trying to do a conversion of document from hp pcl to pdf using gpcl6win64. The conversion was sucessful but the display of text in psd is also right, but if i have to search for a field in the pdf i have to search with symbols and actual text search doesn't work. Can someone tell me why this is happening?18:28.40 
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