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NancyDurgin kens: I don't understand what bugs I should be looking at. I tried searching in bugzilla and didn't find anything relevant15:18.02 
kens Gie me a moment....15:18.15 
  Though to be honest I was rather expecting that Ray would assign them to you rather than you going looking for them15:18.33 
  This URL lists Peter's valgrind bugs:15:19.33 
NancyDurgin I didn't actually check for bugs assigned to me... 15:19.39 
kens They are still assigned to the default assignee15:19.52 
  I've no idea without looking which (if any) of those might be pdfwrite related15:20.06 
NancyDurgin that's the same list I just looked through I think>. I didn't see anythign that looked like pdfwrite15:20.08 
kens 702953 comes from part of pdfwrite15:20.31 
  702954 mentions ps2write, which is pdfwrite with a different hat on15:21.49 
  That seems to be it15:22.29 
NancyDurgin well if you look at the diff on that, it is so obviously a good fix that I don't think it needs any expertise. It is literally initializing "code = 0"15:22.31 
kens txtwrite should (obviously) go to me15:22.40 
  702854 ?15:22.49 
NancyDurgin 70295315:23.08 
kens Oh wait a mo then15:23.16 
NancyDurgin 702954 is the same15:24.03 
kens Well he's quoted a bunch of code with C++ comments and not actually said what the problem is.15:24.04 
NancyDurgin I am looking at the commits15:24.14 
  I don't really understand what I'm supposed to be looking at15:24.23 
  and I have another comment I don't want to make here15:24.30 
kens When he quotes the commit that's just the SHA he used to build the binary for testing15:24.43 
  There is a distinct lack of command lines, and I specifically told him he needed to add those15:25.09 
NancyDurgin Okay I don't understand what I am supposed to be doing. Fixing bugs or reviewing his fixes?15:25.15 
kens He has not provided fixes for those two as far as I can tell, those are just reports15:25.32 
  So you could look at reproducing the problem with valgrind and fixing it15:25.45 
  Somewhere amongst all those reports, when I asked for a command line, he said something like 'the simplest command lien possible; gs -sDEVICE=<device> -o out.file <input>' or words to that effect15:26.49 
  Personally I would still rather see a proper command line, if you want to request one I have no problem with that, especially if you have any problem at all reproducing the valgrind error15:27.33 
chrisl If that doesn't work, close it with a "cannot reproduce" comment15:28.02 
NancyDurgin what is the priority on these? I mean, I am in the middle of implementing something in pdfi. Am I supposed to drop it and do these instead?15:28.28 
kens Absolutely not IMO15:28.39 
  Valgrind errors cannot possibly be regarded as important15:28.51 
  If GS cerashed or produced incorrect output, then it would be more important, but I'd still say get to a convenient place before you look at any of these15:29.22 
NancyDurgin So I should assign them to myself so he doesn't work on them? 15:29.24 
kens Well that would make sense, I've been wiating for Ray to assign them, which is why I've not looked at them myself15:29.55 
NancyDurgin so I should wait for Roy to triage and let him assign them to me?15:30.14 
kens That's less clear to me :-)15:30.29 
NancyDurgin I am certainly not clear on it :-/15:30.43 
kens That's what I was expecting, and that's (sort of) what I read Henry's comments in #artifex to mean15:30.55 
  But you could take it a different way15:31.09 
chrisl Wait for Ray to do the assignment - as you say, some have fixes, and they are trivial to review15:31.21 
NancyDurgin I just saw my name and panicked... :)15:31.21 
  so that comment was more along the lines of, if any are relevant to pdfwrite, assign them to Nancy. Maybe.15:32.01 
chrisl That was how I read it15:32.14 
kens That was my take on it also15:32.29 
NancyDurgin Okay that makes sense to me. thanks. I will step down from Red Alert now.15:32.41 
kens ie assign them to Nancy rather than Ken :-)15:32.46 
petercher What is DATATYPE_SIZE in gsicc_create.h ? Why init_tags() adds it to all tag sizes in addition to the standard padding?19:23.09 
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