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Antonio81 Hello everyone11:04.39 
  I am trying to download thirdparty-leptonica.tar.gz but I am not being able to11:05.05 
kens What is the nature of the problem ?11:05.38 
Antonio81 https://ghostscript.com/ocr.html11:05.49 
  On step 2 I am not being able to download the file11:06.08 
  where it says "For the Ghostscript 9.53 release, you can download a snapshot of this source here."11:06.25 
kens Ah, that link right, I was using the Git link11:06.46 
Antonio81 neither by git11:06.57 
kens Hmm, I get a failed network error11:07.08 
Antonio81 yup11:07.12 
  me too11:07.13 
kens Just a minute while I poke one of my colleagues11:07.20 
Antonio81 and Step 1 was also with that same problem, but somehow it downloaded earlier11:07.35 
kens It may be that the server is simply overloaded11:07.54 
Antonio81 hum ok11:08.16 
kens I've asked Robin_Watts to read the conversation11:08.31 
Antonio81 btw, where should I unpack leptonica to?11:08.31 
kens He knows more about this than I do and can also look at the server11:08.44 
Robin_Watts Antonio81: Hi.11:08.48 
  Let me make an archive of the leptonica/tesseract source for you and update that page. give me 5 mins.11:09.35 
Antonio81 thanks a lot man11:09.47 
Robin_Watts OK, so I've updated ocr.html in our git repo. It should go live within 5 mins or so.11:17.20 
  That includes pointers to where to download the updated source for gs/tesseract/leptonica.11:17.51 
Antonio81 thanks11:17.58 
  I'll wait 5/10 mins11:18.06 
Robin_Watts Thanks. Having someone follow the instructions is a good check for them, thanks.11:19.15 
Antonio81 Where should I unpack leptonica?11:21.00 
Robin_Watts Into "leptonica" within ghostpdl.11:45.39 
  I updated that in the instructions a few minutes after the first fix :)11:46.01 
Antonio81 kens, are you there?14:31.28 
kens Yep14:31.34 
Antonio81 I'm having an issue14:31.42 
kens OK....14:31.49 
Antonio81 with tesseract14:31.50 
kens OK what's the problem ?14:32.21 
Antonio81 i've set the environment variable TESSDATA_PREFIX to "C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.53.3\tesseract\tessdata"14:32.29 
  but i'm getting this error14:32.37 
  Error opening data file C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.53.3\tesseract\tessdata/eng.traineddata14:32.37 
kens Hmm, well that certainly looks all right14:32.57 
Antonio81 I think it is because of the forward slash14:32.57 
  and the files are there, i've confirmed14:33.13 
kens Maybe, but in general Ghostscript treats those as equivalent on Windows14:33.23 
  I often use /14:33.27 
Antonio81 the only way for the ocr to work is pasting tessdata inside "C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.53.3\bin\"14:33.45 
kens Yeah it will look in the current workign directory first I think14:34.08 
  which will be the bin directory where Ghostscript resides I guess14:34.21 
  This is stuff which has recently changed (problems on MacOS) so I'm not totally up to date with it14:34.55 
  Let me see if Robin is around still14:35.05 
Antonio81 thanks14:35.10 
Robin_Watts Antonio81: What version of gs are you using?14:35.56 
  THe release, or the "post-release" ?14:36.04 
  with the release, you'll need to use --permit-file-read="C:\...."14:36.52 
  with the updated code post release you shouldn't need to.14:37.06 
Antonio81 9.53.314:37.37 
  i've downloaded the one on the ocr documentation which is ocr-beta14:37.59 
  i guess14:38.00 
  i've downloaded this one gs9533w64-ocr_beta.exe14:38.25 
Robin_Watts That's the release version.14:38.39 
  All the binaries there are for the release version.14:38.51 
Antonio81 and then downloaded this snapshot ghostpdl-9.53.x-ocr-fixes14:38.56 
  and i've replaced the files inside the install dir14:39.11 
  (because i dont have msvt to rebuild ghostscript)14:39.27 
Robin_Watts Ah, so you're trying to use a frankenstein.14:39.30 
Antonio81 true :D14:39.35 
Robin_Watts You choices are:14:39.45 
  1) Use the vanilla version. Use --permit-file-read=... to tell gs it's OK to read that file.14:40.02 
  2) Get MSVC, use the new sources, rebuild, don't need to use --permit-file-read=...14:40.30 
  There is no middle way.14:40.42 
Antonio81 but i've tried first only after installing gs9533w64-ocr_beta.exe14:41.22 
  and an error poped up saying that ocr was not a valid sDEVICE14:41.40 
  that's why i've downloaded the snapshot and overwritten the content14:42.00 
Robin_Watts The snapshot will not help you unless you rebuild.14:42.16 
Antonio81 but it is working actually lol14:42.35 
  I can get the content from a PDF14:42.42 
  without rebuilding14:42.51 
Robin_Watts I'm sorry, you're absolutely confusing me here.14:43.18 
Antonio81 sorry14:43.26 
  1) I've not rebuilt gs14:43.41 
  -1) i've downloaded gs9533w64-ocr_beta.exe and installed14:44.18 
  0) downloaded the snapshot (and tesseract and leptonica)14:44.58 
  and then it worked14:45.05 
  without rebuilding gs14:45.10 
Robin_Watts My car wouldn't start this morning. So I punched the dog. Then it started right up.14:45.36 
Antonio81 thats it :D14:45.45 
  damn dog was having a negative thought14:46.04 
Robin_Watts So, I am at a loss to understand what you want from me here.14:47.00 
Antonio81 my problem is that I'm getting an error with the environment variable TESSDATA_PREFIX14:48.37 
  it is set but im still getting an error14:48.47 
  i've set the environment variable TESSDATA_PREFIX to "C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.53.3\tesseract\tessdata"14:48.58 
kens Antonio81 I believe that's because the binary you are using is the relase version. That ninary will require you to tell Ghostscript that the training data is safe to read.14:49.27 
Antonio81 Error opening data file C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.53.3\tesseract\tessdata/eng.traineddata14:49.32 
  ok ok14:49.51 
Robin_Watts Antonio81: what kens said.14:50.03 
kens So you need to add --permit-file-read="c:/Program Files/gs/..../eng.traineddata" to the command line14:50.06 
Antonio81 it works if I paste the tessdata inside "C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.53.3\bin\"14:50.27 
  but I think that there's no problem right?14:50.36 
kens The current code (which is not available as a pre-built binary) has the permission added for you as a convenience14:50.39 
Antonio81 ok, I will try with that command14:50.53 
kens As you say there's no real problem with haveing the training data in the binary directory14:51.00 
Antonio81 nope, its not working, but its ok14:53.00 
  it'll have to be inside bin folder14:53.07 
kens For now that's the simplest solution.14:53.20 
Antonio81 thanks a lot again ;)14:53.29 
kens No problem, it's useful to have feedback so thankts for trying it out14:53.52 
Antonio81 Your program is very complete15:18.23 
  I am using pdf version change, pcl generation and now the OCR15:18.47 
kens Ghostscript ? Its a 'mature' application15:18.49 
Antonio81 Im also using pcl scale commands to refit the content15:19.26 
kens Then you know more about PCL than I do :-)15:19.42 
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