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Mohan I am trying to convert 1000 pages PDF document to postscript file using the below command.13:48.33 
  takes 45mins.13:48.34 
  dCompressEntireFile option also not helps. Please, anyone, suggest improving the performance of ps conversion with Ghostscript.13:48.34 
chrisl If anything, I'd expect *adding* compression will make it slower13:52.46 
kens You haven't supplied us with an example PDF file to look at. (adn I'm not sure I want a 1000 page PDF file)14:54.27 
  But the most likely problem is that your PDF file uses transaprency14:54.37 
  Since PostScript doesn't support transparency it has to render the content to an image.14:54.54 
  Depending on the resolution that will be slow, and will lead to large outptu files (which are slow to write as well)14:55.14 
  I'm not sure there is a CompressEntireFile switch either14:55.37 
  Oh apparnelty there is14:56.36 
  Probably not a great idea to use it since it ASCII85Encodes the file which will make it bigger and slower14:57.01 
  And note that if you doo use it, you should set CompreePages to false, as per the documentation14:57.31 
  45 minutes does seem like a long time for 1000 pages, but so much depends on teh size of the page, the nature of the content and the resolution its not really possible to say much14:58.20 
chrisl It's not outrageous if there's lots of transparency on all the pages.....14:59.04 
kens Well its 22 pages per minute, which isn't awful15:00.02 
  But it is comparatively slow for vectore outptu, which is why I suspect the presence of transparency15:00.26 
chrisl Yes. and at the default resolution of those devices.....15:00.49 
kens yep, 720 dpi is not low15:01.00 
chrisl But since Mohan seems to have scarpered after less than four minutes, I guess it can't be that important!15:01.39 
kens Oh I hadn't noticed, I guess your answer scared him (?) off15:02.03 
chrisl I think the departure was before (or during) my reply15:02.33 
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