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paulgardiner Experimented with high-security redaction again. Same test page. With the floating-point test data, the page took 47s; neon made no difference. With the integerised test data, 32s; neon cut it to 28s.15:47.33 
  Results still seem to be accurate.15:48.00 
kens paulgardiner: are you intending to be in #ghostscript ?15:48.21 
paulgardiner No, not really. :-) Still it looks like it will have caught the intended people.15:49.43 
kens If you're after Robin_Watts_ you should probably ping him :-)15:50.17 
paulgardiner Good point.15:51.14 
Robin_Watts_ Hi paul, sorry, didn't see you in this group.15:51.49 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts_: see comment on redactions a few lines up15:51.50 
  No probs. Wasn't looking for a response.15:52.14 
Robin_Watts_ paulgardiner: So a 12% saving or so? sounds plausible.15:54.09 
paulgardiner Yeah. I guess it's not certain I'm getting all neon might offer. I had to remove the -mneon compiler flag and retain just -DHAVE_NEON to compile on iOS15:55.59 
  for iOS15:56.03 
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