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idanoo[m] Hey I have a really interesting issue. I'm running a printjob via mswinpr2, If I run the command manually I get a 7kb RAW spool job with the correct name, but when it's triggered from another application, it's becoming a 749kb NT EMF job and printing blank02:37.29 
  I can't find anything to force it to RAW02:37.36 
  The other interesting thing I noticed was that via CMD I get the correct document name, but via the other application it just gets "Print Document"02:38.35 
  Ah okay, Ignore me. Seems as though it's a driver issue. Thanks!02:47.04 
Robin_Watts Greetings #ghostscript people. We are considering our options w.r.t. communication channels at the moment. There is a motion in place that we should move our private discussion channel off IRC to either slack or discord. With that, we are therefore considering maybe moving our public channels (#mupdf and #ghostscript) too.15:29.54 
  How would regular users of this channel feel about a potential move to discord or slack?15:30.23 
  (This is just a discussion at this point!)15:30.32 
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