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kens test10:44.47 
  bot test10:45.59 
artifexirc-bot <Robin_Watts> I have restarted the bot11:08.13 
Robin_Watts and again12:30.59 
artifexirc-bot <Robin Watts> @Robin Watts has renamed the channel from "ghostscript" to "artifex"12:54.57 
  <Robin Watts> made this channel **private**. Now, it can only be viewed or joined by invitation.12:55.36 
Robin_Watts another test - apologies for the noise13:00.50 
sam_ heh15:04.17 
chrisl To be clear, we are not making #ghostscript private15:08.05 
Robin_Watts yeah, I was having to swap #artifex and #ghostscript on the slack server so that #ghostscript would be the default channel, and that momentarily meant the bridge was connected wrongly.15:10.53 
chrisl I got that, because I had the context - it just worried me a bit that comment would be in the logs without context....15:20.25 
Robin_Watts chrisl: appreciated. thanks for the clarification.15:27.24 
artifexirc-bot <sebras> can I interest anyone in a review http://git.ghostscript.com/?p=user/sebras/ghostpdl.git;a=commitdiff;h=2ce9d4da2502c9f34cae3a6f248ac419decead19?17:08.37 
  <Robin_Watts> looking17:09.58 
sam_ get you two, seamlessly using both! :)17:10.23 
artifexirc-bot <Robin_Watts> @sebras lgtm17:10.46 
  <Fred> In Discord, that link above (from sebras) got the ? attached to it, making it an invalid url.17:13.55 
  <sebras> @fred yes, I guess this is because I'm a discord n00b and don't know what works and what doesn't yet.17:15.31 
  <Fred> Interestingly, the IRC client i'm using was smart enough to remove/ignore it. Or maybe the bridge.17:18.01 
Robin_Watts It's just text, so it's down to how each client "guesses" at where the URL ends.17:19.06 
artifexirc-bot <sebras> I'm guessing discord expected the question mark to start the query part of the URL, but alas...17:20.47 
sam_ It wouldn't be too hard to hack the bot to fix this if needed17:22.57 
  (We could hack in a space)17:24.18 
  But I guess that doesn't work if the link was posted on Discord.17:24.36 
  (And viewed.)17:24.41 
artifexirc-bot <ator> @sebras you should just add a manual space before punctuation after an url. the auto-linkification of various clients always goes wrong, IME.17:25.47 
  <sebras> @ator maybe, but I have not had to do it when using irssi.17:26.44 
ator @sebras it's a common problem with all web-based forum software, etc.23:03.55 
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