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artifexirc-bot <ChrisJin> Yes, I am at IonaWorks.01:33.07 
  <RayJohnston> @ChrisJin oh, I wondered which channel pinged me (I have most set to ping only on @mentions, but not #ghostscript01:37.43 
  <RayJohnston> @ChrisJin nice to meet you (in a virtual sense). Where are you physically (which country/TZ) ?01:38.29 
artifexirc-bot <RayJohnston> is in Southern California, PST01:38.53 
  <ChrisJin> I am from Korea.01:39.00 
  <ChrisJin> I think my channel seems to be so_tech.01:39.24 
  <RayJohnston> 감사합니다01:39.44 
  <ChrisJin> Oh, thanks.01:39.59 
  <RayJohnston> gamsahabnida is how I try to pronounce it01:40.08 
  <RayJohnston> @ChrisJin yes, probably so_tech is your hangout (much more so that #ghostscript)01:40.49 
  <ChrisJin> Okay.01:41.24 
  <RayJohnston> the Hangul is courtesy of google, but I do at least know how to say "thank you" (in many languages -- it's the first thing I try to learn)01:41.55 
  <RayJohnston> I leave this channel 'live' as far as notifications since Ghostscript users *might* show up here01:43.16 
  <RayJohnston> (or at least maybe on IRC #ghostscript and the ghostbot will pass it along (thanks to @Robin_Watts)01:43.53 
  <ChrisJin> Okay, I see. very thanks for the kind welcome message. Have a good weekend.01:46.02 
  <RayJohnston> you, too01:46.14 
samo9789 @search chasing the light08:53.21 
  @seek chasing the light08:54.37 
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