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artifexirc-bot <get_gud> Sorry to bother you guys, again, but is it right that ghostscript doesnt recognize € in the file name?08:58.17 
  <KenSharp> Ghostscript will (or should) generally recogise any valid character. To soem extent this depends on teh OS and locale08:58.54 
  <KenSharp> Ghostscript will (or should) generally recognise any valid character. To some extent this depends on the OS and locale08:59.15 
  <KenSharp> I know for sure it works with characters like aumlaut08:59.35 
  <get_gud> Error: /undefinedfilename in (C:\\BERR\\BONTA 05 AJD- PORTUGAL 320 ?.pdf)08:59.41 
  <KenSharp> Oh, and Chinese characters too08:59.47 
  <get_gud> the ? in the file is the € sign08:59.57 
  <KenSharp> Well I've never tried a filename with a Euro symbol09:00.16 
  <KenSharp> It may well depend on teh WIndows code page09:00.25 
  <KenSharp> It may well depend on the WIndows code page09:00.33 
  <get_gud> interesting09:00.51 
  <KenSharp> The command processor turns everything int wide chars IIRC and then UTF8. On Linux everything is already in UTF-8 so that step isn't needed09:01.26 
  <chrisl> Does the error come from running the batch file?09:01.43 
  <get_gud> yea09:01.48 
  <chrisl> What about if you call Ghostscript directly from the command prompt?09:02.11 
  <get_gud> lemme try09:02.22 
  <get_gud> For some reason when I copy these file names I get underinedfilename and the first word of the file09:15.27 
  <chrisl> You'll have to put them in quotes because of the spaces09:15.43 
  <get_gud> ah09:16.04 
  <get_gud> directly from cmd I get no erros09:17.21 
  <KenSharp> Then it sounds like the batch file processor is munging the name09:17.43 
  <KenSharp> Try putting ECHO <filename> in the batch file, that should show you what its sending to GS09:18.05 
  <get_gud> Will do09:18.22 
  <KenSharp> NB you'll have to replace <filename> with %1 or whatever the batch file variable is that holds the filename09:19.34 
halabund Hello everyone18:39.53 
  I have a single-page PDF (a figure) which has lots and lots of unusual words (abbreviations) that I need to replace with other unusual abbreviations. There are two to three-hundred of them and I really don't want to do it manually.18:40.50 
  I decompressed the PDF with mutool clean -d, and I can see the words in plain text in the PDF source18:41.09 
  However, if I replace them, then there seems to be a font problem: those characters which were not originally in the file do not render properly18:41.34 
  I am wondering if there is a way around this: can I replace the fonts somehow?18:41.53 
  Apparently these are "Type 3" fonts, whatever that means18:42.28 
chrisl halabund: No, there is no (simple) way around this18:47.11 
halabund :(18:47.21 
  chrisl: anything that has at least a small chance of working, that I could try? The PDF appears to be quite simple in structure, likely generated with matplotlib. I don't have the source data, sadly ... And I'd have to wait weeks for it18:48.25 
chrisl halabund: Not really, no. Not without *major* surgery to internals of the PDF18:49.18 
halabund I tried the surgery anyway, and now I see what you mean ...19:17.13 
  (Of course it didn't work.)19:17.21 
  I managed to produce two versions of the PDF: one is broken, but the text is good, and I replaced the font. The other is the original. I can take the parts and edit them together in Illustrator19:26.19 
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