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Meryll Hello, I use Hysplit (https://www.ready.noaa.gov/HYSPLIT.php), and to use it I need Ghostscript but non only, GSview is also necessary because it is a GUI front-end. I can run my data on Hysplit but I can’t vizualize it because GSview is deprecated. 12:52.51 
  do you know an alternative to GSviewn ? Thank you12:52.52 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> Ghostscript is perfectly capable of rendering PostScript or PDF files (and other members of the family will render PCL or XPS files)12:53.51 
chrisl Meryll: I assume you mean GSView 5.x and that you're running on Windows, not Linux?12:56.13 
  Well, if so, there is a pre-release of a GSView updated to work with current gs releases: http://www.ghostgum.com.au/download/gsv501w64.zip and http://www.ghostgum.com.au/download/gsv501w32.zip13:22.30 
Meryll Yes I work on Windows and when I dowloaded GSview, after I can't use it because Artifex told me it was deprecated13:46.20 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> That would be GSView 6, not 513:57.35 
  <KenSharp> GSView 5 was produced by Ghostgum pty pf Australia13:57.57 
  <KenSharp> And as noted, Ghostscript on Windows is quite capable of displying (rendering) the content of a PDF file or a PostScript file13:58.19 
  <KenSharp> Or rendering to an image file format13:58.28 
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