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sampath Hi guys, I need a help. I am trying to install ghoscript for my python project in docker container.. I have installed python3-ghostscript.. But when I run the code I am getting error as 'can not find ghostscript library (libgs)'12:32.26 
  Can someone please let me know what needs to be done here12:32.41 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> sampath Sorry I don't think anyone here will be able to help you. python3-ghostscript is nothing to do with us. It sounds like its trying to find the Ghostscript shared library (libgs.so) so the first thing I'd suggest you do is make sure you ahve that.13:31.08 
  <KenSharp> sampath have you actually installed Ghostscript itself ? It seem from my readig of the python3-ghostsceript page that it just provides Python bindings, you will still need to install Ghostscript itself.13:33.00 
Michelbr Hi all20:30.57 
artifexirc-bot <RayJohnston> Hi20:31.09 
Michelbr We are facing some issues with using ghostscript. We are unable to send pdf printable doc to desired printer tray by using ghost script 20:32.01 
  Does anybody has experience with this issue?20:32.38 
ray_laptop Michelbr: I presume you are using linux and printing via cups ?20:35.04 
Michelbr No we use windows20:35.36 
ray_laptop OK, so Windows tray selection is dependent on the printer driver20:36.42 
Michelbr Yes correct20:37.11 
  But with using of gjost script. It is always printing from the default tray instead of preferred printer tray from driver setup20:37.37 
  We Need a way to handle it using ghost script so that preferred setting of printer (predefined tray) could be use per pdf doc when it is printed.20:39.26 
  Ghostscript.NET.GhostscriptVersionInfo(new Version(0, 0, 0), System.IO.Path.Combine(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory, "gsdll64.dll"), 20:39.28 
  switches = new List<string>();20:39.30 
  /UserSettings <</DocumentName (" + Path.GetFileName(filePath) + ") >> (mswinpr2) finddevice putdeviceprops 20:39.34 
  with another printer model: Brother MFC-L6900DW series”20:39.37 
  Facing same issue with HP printers 20:41.18 
ray_laptop I don't have any multi-tray printers to look into it, but in devices/gdevwpr2.c I see:20:45.10 
  pidevmode->dmFields |= DM_DEFAULTSOURCE;20:45.11 
  pidevmode->dmDefaultSource = 0;20:45.13 
  lines 1146, 114720:45.32 
  That device doesn't have any special parameter for tray selection, but it may be that DM_DEFAULTSOURCE is causing the reversion to the default tray.20:47.57 
  you can try commenting out that line, rebuilding, and trying that20:49.35 
Michelbr Thanks, for your answer, let me try that tomorrow20:53.09 
ray_laptop just a guess really -- I don't know the Windows printer device mode field actions with any confidence. good luck.20:55.45 
  Michelbr: you may also try leaving DM_DEFAULTSOURCE set in dmFields and setting dmDefaultSource = 7; /* Auto */20:59.36 
  but that's just another guess. Please let us know if anything works. I'm not sure what dmDefaultSource = 0 does since it isn't a documented DMBIN_*** value21:01.09 
Michelbr Thanks for your help, we will try both tomorrow21:03.36 
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