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CruxB So, I have multiple *single-page* PDF files all the exact same size and all. I'm wondering if it is possible to merge those *side by side on one single page* so as to produce a very wide single page PDF file.15:21.09 
  I've looked around and I see lots of slide presentations to be split (notes vs slides). I guess I'm looking for the reverse…15:22.29 
CruxB has just learn the existence of PDFjam… (reading the manual)15:26.07 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> There's an answer from me somewhere on Stack Overflow regarding splitting presentation sides. I'll try and dig it up in a minute15:39.48 
  <KenSharp> Oh actually you want imposition15:39.59 
  <KenSharp> There's an answer for that too15:40.11 
CruxB Thanks artifexirc-bot, I'm still looking into it. Reading pdfjam, pdftk, and obviously gs. Searching : "multiple-pages-per-sheet" and various slides/notes related keywords. Btw, I'm not using slides stuff. It is multiple musical scores to be combined in a single pdf page.15:52.07 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> CruxB sorry I was in a Zoom meeting and couldn't do much while that was going on.15:59.51 
  <KenSharp> Technically what you want is called imposition, but often referred to as N-up16:00.05 
  <KenSharp> For simple cases16:00.10 
CruxB No problem artifexirc-bot, I'll look into it ! Thanks16:00.49 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> CruxB this is the Stack Overflow answer I posted some time ago for thi:https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30545382/ghostscript-for-pdf-how-to-fit-4-pages-into-1/30546987#3054698716:00.56 
  <KenSharp> This is an area due to change (hopefully be simpler) soon, probably in the next release of Ghostscript, all being well16:01.19 
CruxOfTheB artifexirc-bot, For what it's worth : I ended up using imagemagick to convert *.pdf +append output.jpg So I ended up with a 65k+ pixels wide by about 2100 high image which was exactly what I wanted. My goal was to animate this enormous image scrolling from right to left in a video. Worked like a charm. Now I'm about 45 minutes in a 2 hours kdenlive rendering.20:01.55 
artifexirc-bot <RayJohnston> I guess it would help if we had known that you wanted an image file. BTW, I am almost finished with an extension to Ghostscript that would make it easy to do (although you would need to know how many pages across). It supports arbitrary N-up by specifying pages across and pages down, so something like 32 across by 1 down could be done.20:49.53 
CruxOfTheB Well, I didn't want an image per say but the PDF was an image anyway (a scan of a printed orchestral score engraving).22:21.59 
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