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Rohan I need to embed fonts in generated PDF fom word Document programtically in C# .net.11:19.32 
  Currently I am using Ghostscript 9.53 for embedding fonts. The resultant PDF's are approx 3-4 times bigger comapred to the ones genrarted with Ghostscript 9.07. These PDF's are sent to the Printer and to Archive.11:19.33 
  Since bigger PDF's are eating the archive Disk space very quickly, what possibilites exists to make the PDF's smaller with embedded fonts using GS 
  I've tried using the resource folder from 9.07 in 9.53.3 and also using the ResourceDir switch. The Resultant PDF was still the same size.11:19.34 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> Rohan, without seeing your input files I can't even begin to venture an opinion. However my guess would be that the is nothing you can do and still have the final PDF file be valid and render correctly We don't go around inflating the size of PDF files without a good reason.11:24.48 
  <KenSharp> Rohan if you want someone to look at it, you can open a bug report and attach a specimen file, and the command line you used.11:34.03 
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