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artifexirc-bot <Nancy> @chrisl For the RC, I think there are some new warnings in the DEBUG build related to memento. I haven't been working on the master branch so I don't know if they are showing up there, but I seem them in pdfi. it is stuff about asprintf() and vasprintf() and memento.h. It's quite spammy but I bet it's something simple. Should be cleaned up before the release?17:37.01 
  <Nancy> and I totally meant to put this ina. different channel, sorry 🙂17:38.23 
  <chrisl> @NancyABQ That's something for @Robin_Watts I'd think. I'm not terribly worried about a few extra warnings in a debug/memento build, wrt to the release17:38.38 
  <Robin_Watts> @NancyABQ It's probably @cgdae's fault. Can you paste the errors somewhere next time you see them please?17:39.33 
  <Robin_Watts> @NancyABQ It's probably @cgdae's fault. Can you paste the warnings somewhere next time you see them please?17:39.52 
  <Nancy> it's like pages and pages of errors... I can put something on pastebin. It's on the linux build.17:40.21 
  <Robin_Watts> Just on memento builds?17:40.32 
  <cgdae> i think i've seen a small number of warnings about printf formatting not being right, but that's on platforms without %z for size_t. @NancyABQ do you have a build command i could try?17:41.40 
  <Nancy> it isn't a memento build, it's a regular debug build17:42.00 
  <Robin_Watts> yeah, I'm not seeing pages of errors on linux builds here. Better bug report required 🙂17:42.06 
  <Nancy> it is just "make gsdebug" (on linux)17:42.09 
  <Nancy> I am building it on master now and will pastebin it in a sec17:42.19 
  <Nancy> okay this is too long for pastebin. will email to julian and robin17:44.57 
  <Robin_Watts> warning: no previous prototype for 'asprintf' ?17:45.49 
  <Nancy> yeah that is one of htem17:46.30 
  <Nancy> I just emailed it17:46.33 
  <Nancy> I know they are new, but not super-new. Noticed them at least a week or more ago17:47.01 
  <cgdae> looks like -Wformat, but our compile commands don't specify it. is it possible that -Wall is including -Wall where it didn't before? [or have we added -Wall at some point?]17:51.32 
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