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Patrick11 Hello Lads,09:50.00 
  I’ve stumbled across an question while using Ghostscript to separate Colors on a PDF File … Just to note that everything is working fine. We try to create for each Color a Hash Code in our Database which works with a program we’ve been working on C#. On our Test Case I’ve created a separated tiff file for each color, stored all hash09:50.00 
  checksums in our database and executed exactly the same command again (Input File is still the same here) .. But then I noticed it created another hash checksum for the same tiff file. When I investigate that said file with a program like notepad I spot only one difference … it does include a tag with a current time/date09:50.01 
  “GPL Ghostscript 9.53.3 2021:02:23 09:22:11”09:50.01 
  I can upload mentioned tiff file if necessary.09:50.02 
  Is there an option or switch to disable such feature?09:50.02 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> Nope.09:50.36 
  <Robin_Watts> Patrick11: If you build with -DCLUSTER, then you should find you get a constant timestamp. We use that internally in our testing cluster so we get constant MD5 sums.12:30.19 
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