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artifexirc-bot <RayJohnston> Sorry, but this is beyond the support we (Artifex) give to free users. You may want to try other places. I do know that the pdfmark stuff is a Adobe PS extension to support their Distiller product, and there is NO guarantee that Ghostscript (as a PostScript interpreter) will support the pdfmark extension. We will let @KenSharp make that call.00:14.01 
msirabella alright, thank you RayJohnston!00:15.52 
LRN Hey, is there an explanation for why GS isn't using OpenJPEG for JPXEncode? This is not in the FAQ, and there's nothing on the bug tracker either.17:23.54 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> We don't support JPXEncode at all17:24.27 
LRN Huh? Then what does sjpx_luratech.c do?17:25.39 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> nothing, it's been removed17:26.07 
  <KenSharp> and it was the decoder when present17:26.25 
LRN Ah, i see.17:27.18 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> NP17:28.49 
msirabella I'm having a bit of trouble using the /PNGPredictorDecode filter. Is this intended to read in unmodified png files? /PNGPredictorEncode doesn't seem to be outputtinganything that resembles a png.. With the appropriate file, this fails with ioread in read: `(420px-PNG_transparency_demonstration_1.png) (r) file << /Colors 4 /Columns 420 >> /PNGPredictorDecode filter read`21:29.28 
emendelson Apologies if I'm asking this on the weekend. Newbie question: I build GhostPDL in VS 2019 and want to use the new docxwrite feature. Is it possible to add the environment variable to the build/rebuild fields in the configuration? I assume it is possible, but I'm too ignorant to know how to do it. Any information will be welcome. - I also build in22:40.02 
  macOS, and I assume that simply adding the unix-world parameter to configure will be enough. - And one more question: does the EXTRACT_DIR folder have to exist in the "bin" folder when building, or only when running? - Apologies again for all these question marks.22:40.03 
  Sorry, in the previous post, I mean add the parameter to autogen.sh, not configure...22:54.02 
  And, to continue correcting myself, I see (in macOS) that the EXTRACT_DIR directory must exist when building. So my only remaining question is how to add the env var to the VS 2019 configuration.22:59.42 
  Another issue: building in macOS, using ./autogen.sh --with-extract-dir=./docx (and that directory exists), make fails with: "make: *** No rule to make target `docx/src/alloc.c', needed by `obj/extract_alloc.o'. Stop." Obviously, I'm missing something obvious...23:09.57 
sam_ Can we have the full output?23:11.00 
emendelson Here's the full output: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t4tvfddwhxw92x1/fulloutput.txt?dl=023:15.12 
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