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Ashish HI Devs, I have issue printing and converting postscript to ghostscript.11:24.03 
  I followed this procedure to install "Ghostscript Pdf" driver to create postscript file11:25.30 
  It generated postscript file but with incomplete data11:25.48 
  like border and table are not visible11:26.01 
  Its happening with some ms word files11:27.19 
AshishGehlot95 HI Devs, I have issue printing and converting postscript to ghostscript.11:34.16 
  I followed this procedure to install "Ghostscript Pdf" driver to create postscript file11:34.17 
  It generated postscript file but with incomplete data11:34.17 
  like border and table are not visible11:34.18 
  Its happening with some ms word files11:34.18 
  [5:04:15 PM] <AshishGehlot95> HI Devs, I have issue printing and converting postscript to ghostscript.11:45.30 
  [5:04:15 PM] <AshishGehlot95> http://aspalliance.com/1447_Creating_PDFs_with_C_using_Ghostscript.411:45.30 
  [5:04:15 PM] <AshishGehlot95> I followed this procedure to install "Ghostscript Pdf" driver to create postscript file11:45.31 
  [5:04:15 PM] <AshishGehlot95> It generated postscript file but with incomplete data11:45.31 
  [5:04:15 PM] <AshishGehlot95> like border and table are not visible11:45.32 
  [5:04:15 PM] <AshishGehlot95> Its happening with some ms word files11:45.32 
  [5:04:15 PM] <AshishGehlot95> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uvGfnV0BJvpwu3S7CDkc4libxO1wQnHp/view?usp=sharing11:45.33 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> Firstly, you don't 'convert PostScript to Ghostscript'11:54.46 
  <KenSharp> Ghostscript is a PostScript interpreter.11:54.55 
  <KenSharp> I'm going to assume your problem is in creating a PDF file from a PostScript program, and that the PostScript program is created from Some kind of document, presumably (given the .inf file) on Windows.11:55.49 
  <KenSharp> My guess would be your problem is actually with the application generating the PostScript.11:56.25 
  <KenSharp> For our purposes, sending the .docx file is no help. You need to capture the PostScript being produced by the application.11:57.29 
AshishGehlot95 I have postscript file. I configured Ghostscript Pdf via inf file that creates postscript file12:01.52 
  and its try my last intension is to convert this ps file to pdf12:02.06 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> Well what you posted on Google driver was not a PostScript profgram, it was a docx file.12:02.13 
AshishGehlot95 Yes, Because I have only issue with docx file printing. When I print from other apps like adobe it works file but when we print from docx then some of its content gets hide. I have attached sample file in which I have issue12:03.28 
  let me attach generated postscript file as well12:03.40 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> There is no point in supplyign a .docx file, Ghostscript doesn't accept that as an input. You need to supply the PostScript program12:04.06 
AshishGehlot95 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o4XR9JbWZFrtVzUTXmM3S2U56JKP_ZJV/view?usp=sharing12:04.46 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> Well the preview of that file has no lines in it.12:05.13 
AshishGehlot95 Yes, Thats the issue12:05.28 
  I configured virtual printer dirver from this file12:06.00 
  "C:\Program Files (x86)\gs\gs9.53.3\lib\ghostpdf.inf"12:06.00 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> Then I suggest you complain to Microsoft. The PostScript is not produced by us it is produced either by the application reading the .docx file (presumably Microsoft Word) or by the Windows Printing System.12:06.17 
AshishGehlot95 Can you please suggest me any other postscript based pdf creator so I can verify your statement ?12:07.19 
  I used adobe pdf12:07.30 
  thats working fine as well as Microsoft print to pdf12:07.44 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> Adobe Acrobat Distiller, Harlequin, Jaws PDF Creator, possibly others12:07.52 
  <KenSharp> Given teh PostScript program you posted, Adobe Acrobat Distiller produces the same outptu as GHhostscript12:08.40 
AshishGehlot95 Adobe Acrobat Distiller creates valid pdf.12:08.43 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> Yes, and its the same as Ghostscript's output12:08.55 
AshishGehlot95 Really.  Let me check again12:09.03 
  May be I did something wrong12:09.17 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> This doesn't look like the original .docx file you produced.12:09.27 
AshishGehlot95 You are using postscript file to generate PDF. Right ?12:12.52 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> Yes12:12.57 
  <KenSharp> My Adobe Acrobat Distiller is set to a custom setup based on the prepress settings.12:13.26 
  <KenSharp> Ghostscript was run as12:13.34 
AshishGehlot95 Yes I have already tested it also tested other. I believe postscript is invalid.12:13.38 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> gswin64 -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -o out.pdf gsoutput.ps12:13.46 
  <KenSharp> The PostScript is not 'invalid' or you would get an error, it merely doesn't contain the content you expect.12:14.11 
AshishGehlot95 Yes I tried it. It generate pdf without lines( invalid pdf )12:14.12 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> And since that PostScript program is produced either by the application directly (eg Microsoft Word) or by the Windows Printing System, its out of our control and you shoudl complain to Microsoft.12:14.45 
AshishGehlot95 2 days back I posted question on "docs.microsoft.com/en-us/answers" but didn't got answer. Can you suggest me better way communicate with them ?12:17.34 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> Well no, I am not employed by Microsoft, and have no special contacts with them. You could try using a different application (eg LibreOffice) or simply export to PDF directly from Word.12:18.22 
  <KenSharp> Or use the Microsoft 'Print to PDF' printer12:19.33 
AshishGehlot95 ok Kens, Thanks for your support12:20.26 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> NP12:20.33 
  <KenSharp> AshishGehlot95 I just tried printing your .docx file from LibreOffice to the Ghostscript printer on FILE: and the PostScript produced by that works as expected12:26.41 
  <KenSharp> SO it looks like your problem is with Microsoft Word, assuming that's what you are using.12:26.57 
  <KenSharp> You might like to try that yourself12:27.20 
AshishGehlot95 Sure, Will test it.12:32.48 
  I tried with libre office but second time testing it creates wrong formatting13:14.35 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> The first time was correct ? That sounds odd13:15.03 
  <KenSharp> But not a lot I can say about it13:15.08 
AshishGehlot95 Yes first time. PDF was fine but after that all output pdf have formatting issues.13:16.03 
  and its shows random behavior13:16.36 
  Sometime page 3's fonts get converted to unreadable font13:17.12 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> Ah, you mean different documents have problems ? Well that would be down to LibreOffice. The point, really, was that the Windows Printing System seems to be OK, and Ghostscript performs correctly when given correct input, so the problem must reasonably be the application producing the PostScript, which I assume is Microsoft Office.13:17.20 
AshishGehlot95 No, Same document with different issues13:17.53 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> Still sounds like LibreOffice then13:18.04 
  <KenSharp> There are other Office document readers, if you really want to you could try those, but the only reason I mentioned it was as evidence that the problem is not Ghostscript13:18.53 
  <KenSharp> We are limited by what we are given, if the PostScript program doesn't contain content, we can't produce it in the output13:19.19 
AshishGehlot95 Can I trace where Its going wrong ? because No doubt I know Ghostscript is fine but I need something concrete to blame Microsoft Office/ Printing system.13:21.05 
artifexirc-bot <KenSharp> Not in any way that I know, no.13:21.34 
AshishGehlot95 ok13:22.15 
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