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inflex If I wanted to add a menu of sorts to muPDF, keeping with FreeGLUT portability, what's the preferred method? More FreeGLUT?07:30.39 
tor8 df (for the logs): build from source, and complain to your distribution package maintainer -- they're probably the ones who decided to *not* use our enhanced freeglut which supports copy & paste.09:03.22 
  inflex: have you looked at the tor/ui branch?09:10.44 
  inflex: git remote add tor git://git.ghostscript.com/user/tor/mupdf.git && git remote update tor09:11.32 
moolc tor8: seen my message (here on the channel) regarding c11 warning splat from fitz?09:17.53 
inflex Thanks tor8 .09:18.36 
tor8 inflex: if you use that ui framework, there's support for popup menus in there09:22.00 
  moolc: the one about _MSC_VER?09:22.42 
moolc tor8: aye09:23.10 
inflex I don't have a strong need for much in the way of UI, was thinking of using a menu or status bar for information updates, current context-menu/popups might suffice for the user's needs. Early days of testing I suppose.09:24.45 
tor8 inflex: I'm not sure how well freeglut support the GLUT menu api.09:25.29 
  moolc: I have a possible fix on tor/master (in two parts) if you want to have a look09:25.38 
  moolc: just how did you manage to trigger it?09:25.49 
inflex tor8, well, might be something for me to work on too :D09:25.50 
tor8 inflex: the ui branch should get merged to master in a month or two09:26.20 
moolc tor8: superior build system makes that easy09:28.42 
inflex How long has mupdf-gl been in development for?09:29.01 
moolc tor8: works like a charm09:31.43 
  tor8: (your fix that is)09:31.53 
tor8 inflex: the mupdf-gl viewer, I think work on that viewer started in 2015 or so09:37.38 
  the code for the mupdf-x11/-w32 viewer is a bit ... complicated09:37.54 
inflex ja, saw it was a bit more so. I like the -gl version.09:38.20 
moolc tor8: and i guess i misunderstood your question earlier, it's trivially triggered by doing 'clang -Wundef -std=c11 somethingthatincludesfitz.c'09:41.29 
  tor8: or even simpler: gcc -x c -Wundef -I ~/x/rcs/git/mupdf/include -include mupdf/fitz.h /dev/null09:44.07 
tor8 moolc: how do you get around sigsetjmp not being defined with -std=c11? that's another build error I get there.09:57.07 
moolc tor8: - gcc -c -Werror -x c -Wno-undef -I ~/x/rcs/git/mupdf/include -include mupdf/fitz.h /dev/null && echo success09:58.36 
  iow i don't do anything special09:58.42 
tor8 but if you use -std=c11 when building an actual source file (and not just checking that the header goes through) you should find it blows up whenever fz_try is used10:01.16 
inflex tor8, okay, fairly young project.10:05.58 
moolc tor8: well, it doesn't10:06.06 
inflex (esp when you consider how far Ghostscript goes back)10:06.14 
moolc i've built llpp with both gcc and clang + -std=c1110:06.17 
tor8 inflex: mupdf itself is *much* older ... got started back in 2003 or 200410:06.47 
moolc -std=c11 + -Weverything on clang (some stratgeic diagnostics are disabled in the source though)10:07.09 
tor8 moolc: include/mupdf/fitz/system.h:79:20: error: unknown type name 'sigjmp_buf'10:11.29 
  #define fz_jmp_buf sigjmp_buf10:11.29 
moolc tor8: if you are still on debian all bets are off10:14.18 
tor8 moolc: I guess so. I just need to guard the use of sigsetjmp with ifndef _STRICT_ANSI_10:14.42 
  or do you set _POSIX_C_SOURCE?10:15.01 
  or _XOPEN_SOURCE?10:15.07 
moolc _GNU_SOURCE10:15.08 
  not in this example obviously10:15.15 
  but i (sadly) needed it in the real deal10:15.22 
  and _GNU_SOURCE implies a lot of stuff10:15.35 
tor8 right. that would probably explain why you can build with -std=c11 ... defining _*_SOURCE turns 'off' a lot of the strictness10:15.55 
moolc i've removed it.. let me try enabling c11 with gcc10:16.46 
  yep works. without _GNU_SOURCES after adding extern char **environ; at the top10:17.29 
  so there10:17.31 
tor8 moolc: tor/master builds, with a handful of warnings in freeglut (only to be expected I guess)10:20.13 
moolc tor8: i only do make libs anyway ;)10:23.44 
  mupdf-[x11|gl] are to baroque for my tastes10:23.58 
  not to mention being slower and lacking features.. so libs for me10:25.53 
pihug12 Hello tor815:20.38 
  I asked F-Droid to update the MuPDF builds15:20.54 
  And they can't because the version code (20) is the same as 1.12.015:21.23 
  Can you, please, increase it and put the tag on this new commit?15:22.37 
tor8 pihug12: I've bumped the versionCode15:25.52 
pihug12 Perfect! Thanks :)15:28.27 
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