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moolc ator: svg_parse_transform doesn10:11.54 
  't handle the 3 argument rotate10:12.09 
  spec does mention it10:12.38 
UNCLEUGLY Hi guys, pardon stupid question, how do I delete a document from MuPDF please ?11:53.50 
kens UNCLEUGLY: I'm not sure what you want to do. MuPDF doesn't delte documents.11:55.38 
  Its a viewer not a file manager11:55.50 
UNCLEUGLY Cheers @kens, I have it installed on my mobile and now have loads of outdated docs stored, just wanted to delete them to free up space. Clearly , as I said it was a stupid question, I hadn't realised it was a viewer only . Many thanks for putting me right.11:58.28 
kens Well, I'm not terribly familiar with MuPDF on phones, so I could be wrong (I'm not one of the developers), but I don't *htink* it deletes files11:59.09 
ator UNCLEUGLY: android or ios?12:05.39 
  if Android, mupdf just shows the documents in your Downloads folder. use your usual file manager or download app to delete them.12:06.09 
  if iOS, there should (IIRC) be a cross on the right side of each document in the list to delete it.12:06.56 
sebras ator: mujs:sebras/master has a trivial commit.20:39.02 
  ator: and the three first commits on mupdf:sebras/master.21:07.46 
ator sebras: "Adhere to new interfaces in sample code." doesn't work. you need ctm = fz_scale(); ctm = fz_pre_rotate(ctm, rotate);22:24.10 
sebras ator: oh.22:40.53 
  ator: btw, I've been looking at the mujs report from the ChemWiz guy.22:41.04 
  he's intermingling C++ exceptions with mujs error handling.22:41.27 
  i.e. throwing C++ exception from inside the callbacks he registered with js_newcfunction().22:41.59 
  that doesn't seem to be the source of the issue though.22:42.09 
  mupdf:sebras/master updated.22:43.49 
  his finalizers are genuinely called multiple times for the same pointer.22:44.10 
  it seems like this happens in js_freestate() when J->gcobj are freed.22:45.00 
  ator: found and fixed the issue in _his_ code.23:51.13 
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