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tom- ator: hi, thanks for your comment yesterday @23:57 re "how to use JSON in c"16:44.47 
  ator: i could do what i want by using the "stringify" function as you proposed. pushing an object to the stack then pcall worked!16:46.59 
  i'm still heavily confused by all indices, positive and negative..16:47.42 
  two things, is it possible somehow to debug/print the current stack in a human form, so that it's visible what is at which position?16:48.25 
  and if there is, some words how the stack is organized written for noobs would be great to dive in16:49.08 
  i feel it just worked by try and error now by altering indices until it worked ;)16:49.46 
  i'm going to read more. thanks again16:51.42 
ator tom-: https://mujs.com/reference.html give this a read through17:27.38 
  and it also helps if you know the Lua C interface; mujs is designed to be very similar.17:28.01 
  tom-: from JS you can use the "debugger" statement, that will print a stack trace and the environment17:29.10 
  and a dump of the byte code of the current function17:29.19 
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