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Diagon Doesn't LL there's a reverse video for mupdf, huh? Any place I could suggest an enhancement?02:12.08 
ator dzonerzy: yes, that's expecte.(whether an array extends its length depends on whether it can round-trip the index to a string, to an integer, and back to a string, losslessly.09:11.42 
sebras Diagon (for the logs): try 'I' in mupdf-gl and 'i' in mupdf-x11/mupdf-win32. inverting colors is not implemented for the android builds.09:22.38 
blurrrb Hello everyone. In mujs i am trying to implement a callback mechanism. What will be the best way to do it?09:51.09 
ator blurrrb: js_newcfunction.09:57.59 
  blurrrb: for simple callback function examples, look at main.c in the mujs source.09:58.30 
blurrrb no, i meant callbacks as in asyncronous programming. The problem here is, i will use js_pcall from within the c function, but then this will affect the current stack state.10:02.30 
  Does mujs support something similar to lua_newthread?10:02.51 
ator blurrrb: no, sorry. mujs only supports running with one stack from one thread.10:09.49 
  you can call a JS function that calls a C function that calls a JS function10:11.07 
  as long as you do it all on one thread10:11.18 
blurrrb Yeah. That explains everything. So I will have to look for a workaround then.10:12.40 
  Thanks for the help!!10:12.40 
  Is there a way to findout if the js environment is executing or is sitting idle?10:17.55 
ator it uses the C stack, and it doesn't use a background thread, so that should be pretty obvious :)10:19.04 
blurrrb 🤦‍♂️Silly me. Anyways, Thanks!!10:32.13 
sebras learned that unicode has a codepoint for an emoji hitting itself on the forehead. who knew..?10:39.21 
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