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Shah Hi07:51.29 
mubot Welcome to #mupdf, the channel for MuPDF. If you have a question, please ask it, don't ask to ask it. Do be prepared to wait for a reply as devs will check the logs and reply when they come on line.07:51.29 
Shah Hi sebras07:52.17 
  Is the source code of this project available in GIT?07:54.04 
ator Shah: http://git.ghostscript.com/?p=mupdf-android-viewer-old.git;a=summary09:20.46 
Shah Ok Thank you09:22.04 
ator Shah: but beware that code may not build with the latest SDK, and it doesn't use our new JNI library09:22.15 
  http://git.ghostscript.com/?p=mupdf-android-viewer.git;a=summary is a slimmed down version of that code, that should be easier to understand and uses the new JNI library09:22.52 
  but does not implement forms or annotation09:23.15 
Shah Yes. There is no forms and annotation09:23.42 
  Is there any other sample?09:24.15 
  with forms and annotation09:24.24 
ator not in Java for Android. there are C examples, and the JNI code is there if you want to build your own Android UI for it.09:25.07 
Shah Are the annotations merged or overlayed on pdf?09:26.58 
ator I don't understand the question. Annotations are a part of the PDF specification.09:30.35 
  All the Android viewers draw annotations.09:30.45 
  It's just editing and creating new annotations that need to be hooked up to a GUI. That GUI has not been implemented for mupdf-android-viewer.git09:31.28 
  Shah: http://git.ghostscript.com/?p=mupdf.git;a=blob;f=platform/gl/gl-annotate.c that is the C code for creating and editing annotations09:32.57 
  there are correspending Java methods for all of the functions used to edit09:33.18 
  based on that you should be able to get going09:33.26 
Shah Thank you. I will check09:46.34 
  come back to u if I face any challange09:47.48 
sebras ator: https://github.com/sebras/oss-fuzz/commit/ea233b8431b99c404cdfef28f07a16c47edb5953 yay?10:14.50 
  ator: since I listed you as the primary contact I think it would be good if you approved.10:48.59 
ator ohh, mujs!11:25.32 
  sebras: I thought, "huh? don't we already have that for mupdf" at first.11:25.48 
sebras ator: yes, I'm not sure whether it is worth while of course, but using oss-fuzz _has_ unearthed a number of bugs in mupdf./11:26.43 
ator sebras: I think it's worth doing, but what's the seed corpus? the test262 suite?11:27.08 
sebras yeah.11:27.17 
  we might not be able to interpret half of it, but I didn't know what else to choose.11:27.37 
  also afl had some javascript dictionary.11:27.47 
  it may be the case that some of the keywords used there are not keywords we handle.11:28.03 
  but it ought to get the fuzzer started at least.11:28.14 
ator that won't run out of the box -- all the test262 scripts depend on a harness framework that has to be loaded first11:30.58 
sebras ator: ok, do you know of a suite of .js files that we _would_ be able to run?11:31.36 
  one that is available from some website.11:31.47 
ator no :(11:35.45 
sebras then I don't know what to supply.11:37.05 
  test262 is better than nothing.11:37.14 
  at least it has javascript syntax, so initially we'd get the parser tested.11:37.28 
  until the fuzzer knows how to modify the files to get more useful things out of it.11:38.01 
  oss-fuzz _is_ afl-based after all.11:38.09 
ator sebras: or we add the test harness code to at least run the tests (if not print out the results, etc)11:52.17 
sebras how would I do that?11:52.56 
  (I don't even know how test262 actually works)11:53.11 
ator sebras: avih wrote one test harness (git://github.com/avih/mujs.git) and I wrote another even more barebones before that (tor/test2)11:54.18 
  sebras: quickjs has another test harness, that may be more complete if we adapt it to mujs11:55.16 
sebras perhaps it is best uses less time to just use avih's first and see if it pays off?11:57.42 
ator sure!11:58.13 
  I had intended to look at that 9 months ago!11:58.38 
  but time has just evaporated...11:58.47 
sebras ator: :)11:59.14 
  I know the feeling.11:59.19 
avih ator: more than a year, quite literally, seemingly :) https://github.com/ccxvii/mujs/pull/7311:59.39 
  it might have bitrotted a bit, it adds a small "compile" thingy to the mujs binary to allow more control over the test run12:00.49 
sebras actually I think ator did include the compile function.12:01.31 
avih possibly. if it doesn't apply, it should be fairly trivial to fix the merge, though i haven't looked at it since.12:04.01 
sebras ator: have we switched whether fz_malloc() returns a zero-initialized buffer or not?12:12.17 
ator it does not12:12.55 
sebras it does not now, has it done it before?12:13.05 
ator fz_malloc returns an UNinitialized buffer12:13.21 
  fz_malloc_struct zeroes it12:13.32 
  I don't think it ever has12:13.43 
sebras oh, really? hm.12:13.48 
  ator: then I can't explain why the code looked as it did before my commit on sebras/master12:20.50 
  please review it, since it caused an off-fuzz issue.12:21.04 
ator I don't see how that commit has anythnig to do with malloc12:23.02 
  it's passing a stack array12:23.14 
  in one case, and a fz_malloc_struct allocated array in another12:24.01 
  ah, pdf_load_function_based_shading calls fz_malloc12:24.54 
sebras pdf_load_function_based_shading() passes a fz_malloced() array into12:24.56 
ator that call may have changed12:25.07 
sebras I can't see where it happened.12:25.45 
  so I'm confused as to why this popped up as an error.12:25.53 
ator hm, no, that's not one of the lines I changed when fiddling with fz_malloc_array etc12:26.17 
  commit LGTM anyway12:26.44 
sebras I may be zeroing things that don't need to be zeroed now.12:27.06 
  but I think this is the safe choice anyway.12:27.15 
  s/don't need to be/is already/12:27.32 
  ator: ok, so back to mujs. was the intent that you merge avih's changes into master proper?12:42.19 
ator sebras: yes.13:12.07 
  and also running them and finding and fixing the issues13:12.19 
sebras ator: can I ask you to take a quick look at this? https://github.com/sebras/oss-fuzz/commit/520a274e9e6934009bba834f52b4180aeb3f4dbb13:52.15 
  ator: if you don't see any obvious problems with this I'll send it upstream.13:52.38 
  and hold of on mujs until test262 is fully integrated.13:52.55 
ator sebras: go for it.13:58.11 
avih sebras: why should it be held till the test is merged?15:23.54 
  (not that i mind, but i don't think progress should depend on it, imho it's completely orthogonal)15:26.24 
sebras avih: because oss-fuzz seems to rely on a test suite to get the fuzzer started. and I opted to use test262 to do it. but as ator pointed out, mujs is currently not able to run most of those tests because the testharness is not in place.\15:30.54 
  avih: I think we'll get better results from the fuzzer if we feed it a few programs that mujs can successfully run.15:31.22 
avih sebras: i don't disagree, but i also don't see why it should be put on hold till it's supported15:31.51 
  once its merged and the fuzzer can be used - use it, but why hold off till then?15:32.19 
  also you might as well just use some sample js code as "test". it doesn't need to be actual test suite, right?15:33.25 
  (if for some reason using the fuzzer is mandatory for you...)15:33.53 
  (is it?)15:34.16 
  sebras: ?15:38.12 
  also, it's not like mujs sees dozens of daily commits anyway... so imho if there are fixes to push - push them. and in parallel enable the test suite (iirc most tests do pass)15:40.38 
sebras avih: I might do that, but if we end up merging your changes this week or so I'll just hold of contributing mujs to oss-fuzz until the end of the week.15:55.17 
avih by "contributing" you mean that it'll use mujs for some tasks? or add fuzz-testsing of mujs in addition to whatever other projects it can already fuzz?15:56.37 
sebras avih: the latter.16:04.47 
  avih: we already have mupdf being fuzzed by oss-fuzz.16:04.57 
  avih: and I contributed a patch to enable jbig2dec earlier today.16:05.19 
avih gotcha16:06.19 
sebras avih: so I might already be swamped with oss-fuzz bugs towards the end of the week! one project at a time might be enough. ;)16:11.31 
avih you think small. the sky is the limit! :p16:12.22 
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