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sebras paulgardiner: you commented on 701490 about the statusbar being too thin that you don't have the statusbar in the ios app.14:43.27 
  paulgardiner: but the version is available on the support page.14:43.39 
paulgardiner There is a statusbar, but it doesn't react to taps14:43.57 
  Actually it does in SO (requires 5 taps to show version), but not MuPDF14:44.44 
sebras when you say show version what does that mean?14:45.04 
  the versoin of the document?14:45.11 
  or the version of the app?14:45.15 
paulgardiner version of the app. I may have read the bug report too quickly then14:45.46 
sebras paulgardiner: ok, not information of the doc! and that's why you chose to "hide" it by requiring 5 consequtive clicks?14:46.55 
paulgardiner I can't remember exactly, but I think it was thought up as a hidden feature.14:47.39 
  It never made it into MuSO, although it wouldn't be hard to add.14:48.03 
  The Support page shows the app and OS version14:48.26 
sebras paulgardiner: on android it only shows the app version, not the OS version.14:49.46 
  I didn't expect this to be a known hidden feature. :)14:52.24 
  in 701493 where I mention toolbar menu text being too small and toolbar sizes differing, you mention that you run in a simulator.14:53.09 
  is that the android one?14:53.14 
  did you also see that the toolbar sizes differed in android?14:53.36 
paulgardiner I was just testing iOS15:03.18 
  I have run on an iPod in the past and it the text didn't seem to small.15:03.42 
  I could see the different sizes on Android from the images you posted/.15:04.15 
sebras paulgardiner: ah.15:08.52 
  paulgardiner: about color/thickness popup palettes.15:09.07 
  paulgardiner: aren't the positioned next to the button on ios?15:09.20 
  like in the design?15:09.24 
paulgardiner It can vary depending on device landscape/portrait and whether the keyboard is present.15:12.44 
  Usually just under or just to the right of the icons with a pointer towards the icon15:13.05 
  I cannot see a page of design showing this. Maybe I have an old version. Can you remind me of the url for the current latest?15:13.36 
sebras paulgardiner: I sent you a pm with the url. I'm not sure whether it is meant for public consumption.15:16.39 
paulgardiner Ta. Looks very similar, but without the title and icon. Perhaps a little more compact.15:17.09 
  Placement pretty much identical when I just tried it, but as I mentioned the OS can decide on a different placement for other circumstances... it usually makes good choices.15:18.01 
  You should really get access to an iOS device.15:18.21 
sebras paulgardiner: I'm mostly involved in this because I voluntarily took the android app for a spin and ended up with a few crashes and discovered several UX issues.15:20.51 
  on that page 14 the statusbar is HUGE compared to the one I see on my screen.15:21.44 
  so clicking that one wouldn't pose a problem.15:22.01 
paulgardiner BTW, moving to chapter based for ebooks may not be so very hard to support in NUI. NUI already has to handle page deletion and insertion for Office. We may be able to pull a trick where parts of NUI handle just the chapters that have been laid out, and treats newly laid out ones as insertions. Something like that already happens to some degree because we scan the whole doc for page sizes but...15:22.24 
  ...don't wait for the end to start displaying the doc.15:22.25 
  Status bar on the iOS version looks to match the design pretty much I think15:23.28 
sebras paulgardiner: ator is the one to talk to about the chapter interface. or possibly Robin_Watts.15:24.35 
  I think I understood the discussion yesterday, but not well enough to have any useful input.15:24.54 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: Interesting.15:25.06 
paulgardiner I wasn't necessarily looking to open up a discussion. Just mentioning that it may not be as hard as it at first seemed.15:25.38 
sebras paulgardiner: sounds good.15:26.31 
  paulgardiner: did you assess https://bugs.ghostscript.com/show_bug.cgi?id=701492 ?15:26.50 
  paulgardiner: that's another one of those UX things that I noticed.15:27.14 
paulgardiner I don't think the iOS version shares that one.15:30.26 
sebras ok.15:30.53 
  paulgardiner: I looked through all your comments on the muso bugs now, I have no more questions about them. :)15:32.28 
paulgardiner Phew!!!! :-)15:32.47 
  Good to have all that feedback, by the way.15:33.20 
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