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Robin_Watts ator: ping14:31.37 
  tor! tor! toooooor!14:41.43 
ator Robin_Watts: pong!14:44.44 
Robin_Watts ator: I have a JS problem.14:45.02 
  In my home dir on casper there is pp.pdf14:45.12 
  load that into mupdf-gl and on page 2 you'll see a signature field and a date field.14:45.30 
  click in the date field, and enter 14-Jun-202014:45.48 
  The doc then shows 14-May-202014:46.03 
  which caused me all manner of confusion, cos entering dates in January it doesn't accept them, presumably because of the same off-by-one error.14:46.39 
ator huh, yeah. I see.14:47.13 
  AFDate_FormatEx("d-mmm-yy"); and AFDate_KeystrokeEx("d-mmm-yy");14:47.25 
  Robin_Watts: "mutool show pp.pdf form" lists all the form fields and their scripts14:47.46 
  "mutool show pp.pdf js" shows document wide scripts (of which there are none in this file)14:48.18 
Robin_Watts yeah, it's one of those when I stepped through.14:49.03 
ator Robin_Watts: looks like it could be an off by one in AFMatchMonth14:54.23 
  returns a 0-based month but it looks like the calling code expects a 1-based month14:54.37 
  yeah. peeking at another implementation that looks to be the case.14:55.29 
Robin_Watts me adds a sneaky +1 to util.js14:57.04 
ator Robin_Watts: fix on tor/master14:57.08 
  feel free to cherry pick and push14:57.15 
Robin_Watts pulls in tor's in preference.14:57.17 
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