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avih ator: if you're interested, the top two commits here https://github.com/avih/mpv/commits/experiments-avih : 1. add CESU-8/UTF-8 conversion function 2. use them for mpv code with automatic memory management. it's a bit painful, and i think mujs should provide at least the conversion functions from the first commit, but really hopefully it can make the API utf8 and don't burden the user with it15:23.39 
  (it won't be pushed to mpv master before i understand if/what mujs will provide)15:24.51 
  ("autofree" is a system where js-c functions are inserted to the vm with a trampoline wrapper which creates a talloc context, try/catch the function, then frees the talloc context regardless if the function threw or succeeded)15:31.06 
  (and if it threw then it re-throws after deallocating the memory)15:31.39 
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