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hisacro hello06:26.02 
mubot Welcome to #mupdf, the channel for MuPDF. If you have a question, please ask it, don't ask to ask it. Do be prepared to wait for a reply as devs will check the logs and reply when they come on line.06:26.02 
sebras hisacro: are you going to ask a question?07:41.49 
hisacro @sebras yep09:13.46 
  I really tried looking documentation, and even check mutools09:15.14 
  is questions allowed or should looking into other forums?09:16.56 
kens If you have a question, ask it, don't ask to ask.09:17.16 
hisacro I'm trying to pipe stdout (raw pdf data) into mupdf09:18.15 
  man -Tpdf grep this generates raw pdf data09:19.03 
  can I pipe into mupdf to read stdout directly09:19.34 
kens You can't read a PDF file from stdin. PDF is a binary format where the objects are not necessarily sequential. This means that a PDF consumer must be able to seek around within the PDF file. You can't do this taking input from stdin, so no, you can't pipe a PDF file into MuPDF. Ghostscript permits this, but it does it by writing the data from stdin to a temporary file first.09:21.02 
  I don't know if MuPDF does this, but I think it does not.09:21.32 
hisacro well it's not pdf I'm piping it's the raw data09:22.34 
kens You said 'genertes raw pdf data'09:22.52 
  If that's not a PDF then what is it ?09:22.58 
hisacro it is, raw source09:24.50 
kens What is 'raw source' ?09:24.59 
  random binary / ASCII text, image data, HTML, something else ?09:25.20 
hisacro This option is used to change groff (or possibly troff's) output to be suitable for a de‐09:26.45 
  vice other than the default. It implies -t. Examples (provided with Groff-1.17) include09:26.45 
  dvi, latin1, ps, utf8, X75 and X100.09:26.45 
  man -T (from man page itself)09:26.57 
kens Still not telling me what is being output09:27.16 
hisacro -T(pdf) so it does output pdf09:27.56 
kens So it *is* PDF then ? In which case my earlier answer applies, you cannot stream a PDF file on stdin, because you do not have random access tot it as required. YOu cannot seek in stdin.09:28.35 
hisacro okay thanks09:32.02 
  I was doing something similar with zathura but I get this cannot be done (I don't understand the part why, never bother)09:33.37 
kens I imagine zathura writes the data to a temporary file, then opens that.09:34.18 
hisacro yep it seems to store in /tmp09:46.34 
avih oh, he left. if anyone is interested, i automated "stdin > tmp && cmd tmp && rm tmp" as shell script which i called "ifarg" https://0x0.st/iHt-.txt09:56.10 
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