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avih hmm.. after that ^ change, no obvious increase in errors rate after short test (no errors at all so far)07:40.13 
  also, despite what i said earlier, i'm not 100% sure i've seen errors other than "object is not callable". i did see once an issue where i could not get a stack trace, but it could still be the same issue somehow, just not expressed clearly, and i think it only happened once, and all other cases were "object is not callable". so far i've seen this error near 10 times overall i think.07:49.52 
  ("no stack trace" in mpv is also no error name, because Error.stackTrace is set in mpv to name+message, and if it's empty or inaccessible then mpv just prints "unknown error" - which is what happened this one time)07:52.03 
  (i.e. Error.stack returns this.name + ': ' + this.message + this.stackTrace;)07:54.16 
  so it's possible that the getter was not callable (i.e. similar/same error as the others) or some such07:55.17 
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