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AK36 Anyone know why http://mupdf.com get tagged by chrome as Dangerous?08:56.18 
kens At the moment, no, we've just been discussing it and are trying o figure it out08:56.41 
AK36 (y)08:58.28 
malc_ it's not limited to chrome09:21.25 
  firefox sez The site ahead may contain harmful programs09:21.49 
  Advisory provided by Google Safe Browsing.09:22.05 
sebras malc_: yup, we know. we're trying to get it fixed.09:45.19 
malc_ commendable effort but google in un-fixable10:03.21 
sebras malc_: well I think they might have crowd sourced this information. and it might not be credible.10:05.18 
malc_ if you only *think* and not know that i'm frankly amazed... :)10:06.22 
sebras malc_: they may have scanned for something. unknown what.10:08.07 
malc_ sebras: gotcha10:08.42 
ShakespeareFan00 Why is https://mupdf.com/ being flagged as malware?19:15.52 
sebras ShakespeareFan00: a file as been flagged as malware. we believe it has been flagged erroneously though. we're trying to fix the situation.19:19.43 
ShakespeareFan00 Okay19:19.55 
  I'm used to Anti Virus flagging 'unusal' files19:20.15 
  Another question I have, Is there a MUPdf extension for Mediawiki?19:29.06 
  I think it currently uses Ghostscript to convert PDF, but that had some quality issues...19:29.41 
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