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apollo13 Robin_Watts: interesting fix, does that ensure that the current thread context is used for locking when dropping jbig2_globals instead of whatever was stored? (re http://git.ghostscript.com/?p=mupdf.git;a=commitdiff;h=d50cbc1f593fd86acf20a9d17104ba49e7665719 ). Is this a bandaid or does that fix all the issues you saw in the code?07:28.26 
sebras apollo13: I believe that Robin's fix is the correct fix for the crashes you've seen in fz_drop_jbig2_globals_imp().08:22.27 
apollo13 nice, so what does it do? I am always trying to understand the things we work with :)08:22.52 
sebras apollo13: the background is that fz_jbig2_globals was allocated and populated by one thread and freed when no longer needed by another thread.08:23.07 
apollo13 right and the context you set there now is from "one thread" or "another thread"?08:24.44 
sebras apollo13: it is not allowed to use the fz_context belonging to another thread. in this case the call to fz_free() at the end of fz_drop_jbig2_globals_imp() use the correct ctx, but the custom allocator implemented for jbig2dec was using the saved fz_context rather than the current thread's fz_context.08:25.11 
apollo13 makes sense, thanks!08:26.15 
  what I still don't really understand (mupdf is still dark magic for me :D) is why using the wrong context has this affect. Aren't the contexts the same aside from the exception stack? Ie allocation routines etc would be the same?08:28.53 
  or did an exception happen that caused issues due to the context missmatch08:29.23 
sebras apollo13: the exception stack has things pushed and pop on it during normal operation, not just when an exception is throw.08:29.57 
  apollo13: so you shouldn't be fiddling around with another thread's exception stack.08:30.18 
apollo13 hehe yeah I got that, I was just trying to understand what issue actually popped up.08:30.42 
sebras apollo13: will this go into primesign/pdf-as-4? I saw primesign/muRenderer there, but that's implemented in Go so that's not what you're working on.08:41.46 
Robin_Watts apollo13: The issue, I suspect is that a thread has ended, and hence its context has been freed.10:15.24 
  then when that context is used in a different thread, even though the exception stack isn't touched, that context isn't there for it to get the allocators through.10:16.07 
malc_ Robin_Watts: another dude criticized the board link to which i posted few days ago, and swears by his kinesis advantage pro 2 with brown switches... he is also an ex ms natural user.10:21.24 
apollo13 sebras: ah interesting, didn't know we have/had go stuff (that is certainly old though and not in use). But no, the code we are using here is not yet published and I don't think it would be part of pdf-as-4.14:24.18 
sebras apollo13: aha, but likely licensed under AGPLv3 it seems.14:58.03 
  apollo13: like primesign/murenderer14:58.20 
apollo13 sebras: I'd assume so. To be honest I am a sysadmin, so not really my area of expertise. I'll have to ask my colleagues next week, otherwise my answer would just be guesswork.15:04.24 
malc_ is FZ_META_ enum for info:CreationDate coming?15:19.41 
sebras ator (and malc_): I have successfully built this commit locally: http://git.ghostscript.com/?p=user/sebras/mupdf.git;a=commitdiff;h=37b80439256102c677272ac7155f41d60522918c15:36.15 
  I don't expect the cluster run to turn bad.15:36.37 
malc_ sebras: tack! jeg expectare icke problemare agsÃ¥15:43.59 
  if you will excuse my sventalian dialect15:44.16 
sebras the cluster run succeeded as expected. now I just need to wait for ator's review. :)15:48.54 
malc_ should happen soon enough if recent ator responsiveness is of any indication, it should be real soon now... just a few moments after the second coming i reckon15:53.45 
Robin_Watts malc_: Yeah. The layout, shape, tilt of the MS natural keyboard is perfect for me. I just want one with mechanical keys.17:29.04 
  the kinesis is the best option I've seen, but doesn't look perfect.17:29.04 
malc_ Robin_Watts: buy some paint and wake your inner artist up..17:41.54 
Robin_Watts malc_: It's not the "look", it's the "shape", and I can't fix that with paint.17:43.26 
malc_ Robin_Watts: buy a blow torch and heat gun and fix it all the same!17:47.38 
  anyways this ex-colleague of mine has amassed two kinesises already... apparently they grow an people17:49.03 
avih i'm not familiar with mupfd (lib), but can it render text with subpixel antialiasing?20:11.32 
  or even, the blasphemy, enable "slight" hinting in freetype? this would use vertical hints only so the text looks sharper at the vertical edges, while still using "free" positioning horizontally20:13.25 
  (so that kerning doesn't get fucked)20:13.55 
  personally, i find current freetype2 slight hinting together with subpixel antialiasing and (currently default) LCD filtering to produce very pleasing results.20:17.38 
  but mupdf seems to disable any hinting and subpixel antialiasing...20:18.01 
  i know pdf rendering is about accuracy, but especially when not printed (on paper etc), some tradeoffs in accuracy can yield much greater readability20:19.28 
  hmm https://ghostscript.com/pipermail/gs-bugs/2016-June/044643.html i disagree with this "We therefore take the view that if you want subpixel rendering, you should update the transform on input to be 3 times as wide, render to a wider pixmap, and then filter it down according to your own specific devices screen."20:27.20 
  filtering is not trivial, as early freetype subpixel rendering results show (too bright color fringes).20:28.03 
  it's true that the subpixel orientation needs to be known, but at least with mupdf as a library you can leave this decision to the user of the library20:28.47 
  additionally, fontconfig does know the preferred orientation (even if gnome for instance maintains its own config outside of fontconfig)20:30.06 
  and then there's hinting as well.20:30.46 
  and of course, it doesn't mean the current rendering needs to go away. subpixel and/or hinting type could be options, which i'm very sure some would prefer (and equally sure some would not - and that's fine)20:35.17 
  all the main OSs today use subpixel antialiasing by default, IMHO because most people find it nicer to look at.20:36.16 
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