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sebras csanyipal (for the logs): mupdf-gl would be able to do annotations and reopening on the page where you closed a document. I don't know if this is packaged by Xubuntu.03:54.23 
malc_ /query sebras04:25.57 
satousan hey yall, just want to say amazing app. very simple and lightweight!04:44.00 
  was wondering if there is any way to do annotation with the app, such as highlighting text04:44.32 
  im on android also if that makes a difference04:44.44 
malc_ crap... i'm in love... with the way scottish pm talks05:48.40 
Moult g'day all! i use mupdf as my main pdf viewer on linux. i work in the architecture/engineering/construction industry, and on windows, we heavily annotate pdfs. i'm looking for similar functionality in linux.07:14.01 
  to clarify, by annotation, adding text and comments and arrows and polylines of various styles is a must, but in addition, there are some industry specific requirements07:14.29 
  for example, the ability to add a dimension line, with automatic calculation of a linear dimension or area of a closed polyline, with a particular scale factor applied.07:15.08 
  another example is the ability to calibrate and snap to vector lines on a PDF07:15.19 
  (i.e calibrate a scale factor, if the PDF contains a 1:100 drawing, 1:50 drawing, etc)07:15.41 
  what are the chances of getting some of this functionality on linux?07:16.05 
sebras Moult: mupdf-gl is able to do PDF annotations.07:16.10 
  Moult: but some of the features you're asking for is not available. e.g. snapping to vector lines (or even lines of other polyline annotations).07:17.04 
Moult sebras: when you say pdf annotations, do you mean this? https://i.imgur.com/XzPm88R.png07:18.48 
sebras Moult: wrt to the dimension line you mention there is no assitance from the tools to know exactly how long such a line is on paper.07:19.00 
  Moult: yes, that's the one's I'm referring to.07:19.09 
Moult sebras: correct, there is no assistance. so usually there are some preset scale factors, and also a calibrate function07:19.48 
  sebras: i've used those annotation functions, unfortunately, it isn't quite so straightforward to create annotations like these07:20.32 
  https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fdl1.cbsistatic.com%2Fi%2F2017%2F11%2F26%2F560abd4f-40fe-4686-93b7-25fcaed6a46b%2F054123739e7342a47471b26cd744f2c9%2F86815aeb65460a0e79131d7c82e9e76160451bluebeamrevuautomatescriticalprocessesbringsgreaterclaritytomarkupsandgivesmoreflexibilitytoprojectcollaboration.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 (see the revision clouds, for example)07:20.35 
  it may be just that i am expecting somethign that is out of scope for mupdf07:20.45 
  sebras: other functionality are things like the ability to overlay or compare pdfs side by side or on top of each other (colour coded green = added graphics, red=removed)07:22.32 
  sebras: in the existing annotation features, i don't see the ability to change things like line thickness or polygon fills, for example07:24.41 
  maybe i'm asking a bit much, sorry07:24.44 
sebras Moult: my initial thought is that this is likely out of scope for mupdf. but I'd still like to ask you to come back here during EU business hours on mon-fri when all the mupdf developers are here.07:25.09 
Moult sebras: sure thing. i can do that. whereabouts in EU?07:25.45 
sebras Moult: uk and swedish time zones.07:26.02 
Moult sebras: cheers. i'll stick around. one option is to provide a forked or different version of mupdf with these extra features07:26.44 
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