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Wizzup ator: sebras: On JBIG2 support, if you have a clear idea on what might need to be done and/or changed, I could try to help out with the code. Assuming you have interested in modifications/changes to mupdf to accomodate my request(s).11:59.41 
ator Wizzup: I have a proof of concept running12:02.51 
  needs some polish and review, then I think it could go into the master branch12:03.21 
  so you can use a JBIG2 image as input, and it will preserve the compression when adding it to a PDF file, or converting to PDF12:04.04 
  it only works on single-page images though, and can't reuse a 'global' symbol table12:04.44 
  but it will copy the segments from a jbig2 standalone file with all the headers into a PDF embedded jbig2 stream12:05.15 
Wizzup Awesome - thank you for that. Single-page images sounds like a fine limitation to me.12:05.24 
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