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AAndrei hello, I got the following errors trying to compile the jni/libmupdf11:21.07 
  build/android/obj/local/arm64-v8a/libmupdf_thirdparty.a(ftinit.o): In function `FT_Add_Default_Modules':11:21.11 
  D:/mav/jni/libmupdf/thirdparty/freetype/src/base/ftinit.c:94: undefined reference to `autofit_module_class'11:21.11 
  D:/mav/jni/libmupdf/thirdparty/freetype/src/base/ftinit.c:94: undefined reference to `pfr_driver_class'11:21.12 
  D:/mav/jni/libmupdf/thirdparty/freetype/src/base/ftinit.c:94: undefined reference to `t42_driver_class'11:21.13 
  D:/mav/jni/libmupdf/thirdparty/freetype/src/base/ftinit.c:94: undefined reference to `t42_driver_class'11:21.14 
  D:/mav/jni/libmupdf/thirdparty/freetype/src/base/ftinit.c:94: undefined reference to `winfnt_driver_class'11:21.14 
  D:/mav/jni/libmupdf/thirdparty/freetype/src/base/ftinit.c:94: undefined reference to `pcf_driver_class'11:21.15 
  D:/mav/jni/libmupdf/thirdparty/freetype/src/base/ftinit.c:94: undefined reference to `bdf_driver_class'11:21.16 
  build/android/obj/local/arm64-v8a/libmupdf_thirdparty.a(sfnt.o): In function `woff_open_font':11:21.17 
  D:/mav/jni/libmupdf/thirdparty/freetype/src/sfnt/sfobjs.c:673: undefined reference to `FT_Gzip_Uncompress'11:21.18 
  clang++: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)11:21.18 
  make[1]: *** [C:/Java/android-ndk-r21d/build//../build/core/build-binary.mk:725: build/android/obj/local/arm64-v8a/libmupdf_java.so] Error 111:21.19 
ator AAndrei: how are you compiling it? we have makefiles and special headers to set the freetype compile flags to not compile and use the t42, winfnt, pcf and bdf font modules13:24.15 
  looks like a command line flag mismatch between compiler steps13:24.33 
AAndrei I'm just running make (tried with make from cygwin, make from GnuWin32 and also make from a mingw installation). This is targeting the makefile from jni\libmupdf folder.15:55.57 
  First I see it tries to make some generated fonts, then it continues with invoking android ndk-build which is targeting platform/java/Android.mk15:56.50 
  and at the end it outputs those linking errors15:57.15 
  when I call make I actually do "make android"16:00.48 
  ss here: https://i.ibb.co/vHCpZFy/mupdf-build.png16:00.55 
ator AAndrei: we use gradle to build mupdf-jni, have you tried running ./gradlew assembleDebug in the mupdf-jni directory?16:02.41 
  the libmupdf/platform/java/Android.mk file is intended to be called from within a build step in gradle16:03.21 
AAndrei yes, I also went with  ./gradlew assemble (not assembleDebug) and same errors16:04.34 
ator strange16:05.36 
  the makefile should be passing libmupdf/scripts/freetype/slimftmodules.h to the freetype build step16:07.45 
  so it should not be needing the modules in the link step16:07.57 
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