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artifexirc-bot <sebras> @ator I have reduced the file with the problematic font causing issues with Freetype new T1 engine to the essentials. first it strokes the font then it fills it.04:19.17 
  <sebras> I've tried increasing the font size. when I do so I can see that the tip of the 'a' has a small hook. when using a small font size I'm assuming this hook is relatively bigger.04:21.22 
  <sebras> when I use Freetype's old T1 engine the hook is not there.04:21.33 
  <sebras> I'll dm you the link to my test files. do you think this is enough to report to upstream?04:22.30 
  <sebras> I'm not yet fluent enough in T1 fonts to debug this further I think.04:33.44 
  <ator> needs an issue-small-font-only-stroking.pdf :)11:15.01 
  <ator> strange that this only happens with the new engine, one would think the stroking module is unrelated11:18.22 
  <ator> do_render_ft_stroked_glyph11:19.07 
  <Robin_Watts> @ator I was buried in a mass of unicode and OCR yesterday. Where did we land with the snapshot stuff?12:25.32 
  <Robin_Watts> We had objects with bad lengths or something?12:25.42 
  <Robin_Watts> I see it in the logs. will try to look at that.12:27.52 
  <ator> yeah. somehow it looks like stream objects make it into the journal while being incomplete12:28.17 
  <ator> as if the 'Length' property update when updating the stream goes into its own journal entry12:28.40 
  <ator> at least that's what it looked like when looking at the written output, where a given AP stream is listed twice in sequential updates, first with no /Length and then with a /Length12:29.20 
  <Robin_Watts> Ah, so pdf_add_stream calls pdf_update_stream.13:09.01 
  <Robin_Watts> That updates the stream, then tries to update the Length.13:09.13 
  <Robin_Watts> We detect the object change when the Length is about to be changed, and copy the stream, which has already been updated.13:09.47 
  <sebras> btw, I noticed when cleaning a file yesterday that one streams had /Length /Length1 /Length2 and /Length3 entries. that seems odd, but I haven't investigated further. is it due to MuPDF out was it there from the beginning? I don't know yet.16:07.42 
  <Robin_Watts> I think that's a PDF spec thing isn't it?16:09.28 
  <Robin_Watts> See page 467 of pdf_reference17.pdf16:09.54 
  <Robin_Watts> Embedded font stream dictionaries Table 5.2416:10.11 
  <Robin_Watts> Type1 fonts have Length1/Length2/Length3 tags.16:10.31 
  <sebras> oh!16:15.09 
  <Robin_Watts> @ator @sebras More commits on robin/master17:44.55 
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