[gs-bugs] [Bug 689796] Ghostpcl prints nearly entirely blank page

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Sun Apr 20 18:41:25 PDT 2008


------- Additional Comments From henry.stiles at artifex.com  2008-04-20 18:41 -------
After a few experiments it appears the pjl parser behaves very differently than
documented in the PJL technical reference manual.  It would probably be a major
project to reverse engineer the exact behavior of the HP PJL interpreter on a
particular printer and, of course, there is no guarantee that would work on all
devices.  This file demonstrates character other than '\n' may delimit a line
and pcl control codes can begin without any intervening whitespace after pjl.

We don't expect a solution to this problem any time in the near future.  Our
current pjl implementation is compliant with the documented parsing in the pjl
reference manual.

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