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------- Additional Comments From ray.johnston at artifex.com  2008-04-23 12:21 -------
By default, Acrobat (and most other Adobe tools) write CMYK expecting a
CMYK color space converted to RGB as if the CMYK were USCoatedSWOP.

Also, by default, for performance, Ghostscript uses 'dumb' CMYK to RGB so that
C+M+Y == Black (the same as K).

If you specify -dUseCIEColor, then the flower is brown. gsview is probably
setting this by default in order to emulate Acrobat more closely.

The definition for the CMYK colorspace when -dUseCIEColor is used in the
Resource/ColorSpace/DefaultCMYK file.

If you want to use 'SWOP' instead of this version, replace the DefaultCMYK
file with the attached USWebCoatedSWOP.csa.ps

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