[gs-bugs] [Bug 689929] New: /NeverEmbed /AlwaysEmbed options for TRUETYPE fonts

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Tue Jul 1 06:12:11 PDT 2008


           Summary: /NeverEmbed /AlwaysEmbed options for TRUETYPE fonts
           Product: Ghostscript
           Version: 8.62
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Windows 2000
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P4
         Component: PDF Writer
        AssignedTo: ken.sharp at artifex.com
        ReportedBy: montython at googlemail.com
         QAContact: gs-bugs at ghostscript.com
                CC: ray.johnston at artifex.com

Using pdfwrite output device in Ghostscript, truetype fonts are embedded in the
created pdf's by default. I agree that this is a convenient standard. But, when
you attempt at changing the default font embedding policy using /NeverEmbed or
/AlwaysEmbed switches, things are somewhat problematic.

For some fonts (Verdana, Garamond, Arial for example), you have full control
over font embedding. On the other hand, you cannot control the embedding options
for most of the other fonts. For example, consider 2 truetype fonts which are
available on Win32 platforms:
Times New Roman and Palatino Linotype

-c ".setpdfwrite << /NeverEmbed [ /Verdana ] >> setdistillerparams"

Since this works for Verdana and not for Times New Roman or Palatino Linotype, I
assumed that the problem was with the font names.I checked the names used by
Ghostscript, names used by Acrobat Distiller and tried every combination I could
think of:
TimesNewRoman, Times-New-Roman, Times_New_Roman, Times-Roman, TimesNewRomanPSMT,
TimesNewRoman-PSMT, TimesNewRomanPS etc.
Similar combinations for Palatino Linotype...

All of my attempts failed. I assume that this has nothing to do with the font
names, but rather a bug with Ghostscript.

Times New Roman font in the postscript file to be distilled is the truetype
font. (generated by disabling font substitution in the pscript5.dll printer driver.)

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